The Fight by sharpbeak

The Fight

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 03, 2003
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Interior illustration for BBRACK Productions RPG "Promised Sands" [pencil]

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voaness's picture

P.S. The bugs (I do not know their proper names) are hilarious to me, I just keep coming up with these side line quotes as they jump out of the way...They may not have meant to be comical but I find them irrisitably amusing (in a good way)

voaness's picture

This is a great scene, not only is the composition and shading nice, but the story behind it is rich with ideas. Great job.

Guest's picture

Looks like a very messy fight. One slight criticism. Maybe it's just me, but I can't seem to make out the fallen Loshad (what's that anyway?) at the first glance. Perhaps more details and a different tone will set it apart from the background fight? Just my opinion.

thrax-1's picture

That is an incredible fighting the..errm minotaur being sucked under the worms,youve created a chaotic scene with ease it seems.
nice 1 Smile

zt-1's picture

Hey, great job. This is my favorite of yours. I think the more ambitious you are the better your work will be. Go for it!

sharpbeak's picture

For a while i wasn't sure i could pull it off, but i think it turned out ok considering i've never done anything like this before. The publisher was pleased at least. Smile

megaflow's picture

I think this is an admirable job of putting in lots of characters and detail without lookg too cramped or cluttered. Nice shading, too.

sharpbeak's picture

That was my very first attempt at something with this much action, and while I did use a live model for the poses, he could only mime the action as opposed to actually doing it. Plus the legs gave me trouble since they aren't human and I had no visual refrence for them. Hopefully I'll do better next time.

storn's picture

It is very difficult to do a multi figure fight scene. This I know quite well. Kudos for attempting it. My one suggestion is to pay more attention to the weight of the figures, Loshad -rope-horse, should be really leaning and pulling against the rope vs. the wyrm. The impact of spray on shield should be PUSHING that figure back, weight on the knees, ankles...even non-human anatomy must deal with mass and force and gravity. Your dynamic picture will be even MORE dramatic! Keep posting, looking forward to the next one.

Art at its best.