Shoggoth Mother by feline

Shoggoth Mother

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 11, 2003
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The poor investigator stumbles into a cave and discovers something rather nasty... I suddenly got an inspiration when I was eating instant noodles with tuna and cheese. Go figure.

Of course according to Lovecraft shoggoths are only about 15 feet in diameter, but I liked the idea of an overgrown one just sitting there in its cave for millennium after millennium, eating everything that happens to wander in, or possibly fed by cultists, and growing, ever growing...

Yeah. Instant noodles are good for your mental health. Wink

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It could be Nyogtha or some other huge cousin of the shoggoths.

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I still think the investigator should hold a cat toy on a string and the picture´s name should be " It only wants to play" Smile

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deep down, under the earth...

'instant noodles' -- laughs. This one is really creepy... really creepy...

I like it.

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Wow, this is such an awesome piece. Having been a pencil artist myself at one time, I can tell how tedious it must have been to shade all those tentacles Tongue

Are you available for freelancer work? Smile

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are u a member on elfwood too? cause i think i saw this there.

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Your lighting and control of the pencil are really wonderful. A very good piece, in a very nice gallery!

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The details of the gound...water, whatever are totally great!

bliz's picture do not want to be falling in there!!! =]-

Art at its best.