The Farseer: Fool by feline

The Farseer: Fool

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Added: Oct 01, 2003
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My favourite character in Robin Hobb's books. Smile

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I loved the Robin Hobb series and the Fool was my favorite character hands down!

Your rendition of the Fool is the very best of any that I've seen. It is complete with 'Ratzy' as well as the Fool's colorless eyes and dandylion fluff hair.

I just finished her newest book 'Shaman's Crossing.' A good read, but no Fool like characters.

I hope that you do more drawings with the Fool, you did this so very well.


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great drawing - am in absolute awe. having recently started reading the books this helps brings the fantastic series to a real reality for me!! well done

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I just finsihed reading Fool's Fate and its the greatest book to ever have ben written and you did a great job on the Fool. I just love 'him' I cried at the end:(

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Oh-my-God! I love it! It’s wonderful... Absolutely marvelous... I’m in awe...
And I’m also very jealous, ‘cause I’m from South America and we don’t get all those great fantasy and sci-fi books here! What did you say the author’s name was…? Robin Hobb, right?
PS: Well, if it turns out to be a SHE, then it’s a pity for all of us girls… As a HE, he was really (and I mean REALLY) cute… Tongue

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What a wonderful rendition of the Fool. He has always been my favorite character! I've just finished Fool's Fate (what a fantastic book) and now I have a huge urge to pay my own tributes to this person of many faces.
I love the quirky smile you gave him, oh, and not forgetting Ratsy!

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Ah, but how do we know it's a he? Wink

Two more weeks until Fool's Fate comes out! I'm so excited! Laughing out loud

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yeah...i love the fool. his face is so beautiful...what a nice boy... *fan girl* ^_____^

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Great stuff! I really love the way you rendered the hair, especially.

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Very beautiful pencil work and character study - makes me want to read the books Smile

christar's picture

Beautiful Illustration

Art at its best.