Refuge by rubendevela


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Added: Mar 16, 2003
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This was a fun commission.

"A veil of confusion, and mystery pervades the leonine figure before you. Standing a little over 7 feet, he quickly becomes noticed in most crowds. His mane is dark brown, however, just above his left eye, the mane turns into a deep, blood red colour. The mane, though well kept, is trimmed short, to keep it from his face. His eyes, which peer out at you from underneath his mane, are a deep blue colour, and seem to read into your emotions. There is a 4-inch scar running over his left eye, though whatever caused the scar does not seem to have bothered the eye itself. His build, which is quite muscular, and fit, is more a result of hard work, and toughened training, than a matter of occasional trips to a weight room. Each movement made is an exact calculation, and there is little wasted movement. His fur, the deep colour of gold, shines brightly showing that he is in excellent health. There is a patch of silver fur in the shape of a diamond, in the middle of his chest. From his back protrudes a pair of dragon’s wings, covered in the same colour fur as the rest of his body. He wears a suit of technologically advanced armor, obviously of an advanced military design. The pants are baggy, and heavily pocketed, though the front of the thigh, and the shins are plated with armor. He carries a beautiful katana with him. The hilt is made of a Ivory coloured substance, and is shaped like a vampiric dragon’s head. The eyes are inset rubies. The blade is well crafted, and the edge is but a particle thin. As he wields the blade, a bit of script adorns the blade in glowing form. The script is of an ancient language, long since dead." - description by Jake King.

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The fact that he spelled it wrighting says "ignore me" right there...sheesh.

Great art btw.

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I've been lookin around on the search and I came across this pisture. Super cool. good details. like the discription even though it's a litle long

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This picture is briliance. I absolutely love this fine piece of art and greatly look forward to seeing more of your works.The description, in my opinion, is great. All together, this is one of the best pictures i have ever seen.

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I am now an admirer of your work! The detailed description is something unexpected, and I loved it - personally. It let me get involved more with how its described object would be experienced in reality. Don't let the comment about too much wording scaring away other people get to you, because it has done the opposite with me.

His overall attitude - given off by his expression and features such as the hair - sends chills of excitement up my spine. The beautifully well-carved muscles told me instantly that he is stronger than any human. The the eye catcher of this piece to me. It is hard to tear my gaze away from its splendor to notice the details in its weilder.

Simply wonderful work; I hope to see more.

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Feh... That guy's barely literate, anyway. 'Wrighting'?

Although... I don't think the description is particularly good, especially given that it's probably for a MU* character. Interesting to see what you had to work with, though.

Pretty well-done pic, all things considered.

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I wish more people would provide interesting captions or detailed descriptions. I personally, enjoy reading them.

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Great work....seriously, and the goof that wrote the other comment don't know what he's talkin' 'bout. I think the description is perfect, put alot of things together in the character...

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Lots of people do on other sites. This place is weird. Some of the pics with the highest hits have the least comments.

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too much wrighting. nobody will read this

Art at its best.