Five Elements by epzilon

Five Elements

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Added: Jan 08, 2004
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These are the 5 elements of the Feng Shui: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. In the Feng Shui, there are various cycles for these elements, I chose the constructive one, i.e. water feeds wood, wood feeds fire, fire produces earth, earth produces metal, metal holds water. In the frame, I brought in the colors and shapes that are associated with every element, e.g. red, purple and triangular for fire. The crystal in the center and its color stand for harmony.

As always, I would appreciate any comment :)

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I love it! This would make an awsome tatoo. I'm thinking of one for my birthday coming in June. It's really awsome, looking for more of your work!

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That's a great composition and very nice, clean colours. I love the graphic touch this one has to it. Well done! =)

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I haven't thought of that yet, but it's an interesting idea... thank you Smile

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P.S. Yes I know that air element wasn't really supposed to be in there but the air element is always part of the elements to me, that's why I commented on it. It was very well done because it is not exclusive to just those five elements. It could be earth air fire water spirit, as well. The tree representing the spirit of life. It's always wonderful to see a work that could be so universal.

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That is beautiful. I love it. I loved seeing the sword in there because it connected the picture with my thoughts on my tarot cards (sword sword = air element). Air element is usually so hard for artists to capture appropriately. Well done.

Art at its best.