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Lilith is most well-known as the "goddess" who was the first woman, created by god at the same time as Adam, unlike Eve who was created from Adam's rib. Lilith refused to submit to Adam's will and left the garden of eden.

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omg. lol i like this. i wish that was me lol:)

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sorry im talking 2 samantha so sorry but good painting. heck why be atheist when god and jesus really love u unconditionally? u wont accept that love? agh this drives me nuts! ps....woman is just as good as man and yes man was created 1st but mary the mother of god was mentioned a ton more then her husband... St.Joseph god loves u!!!

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Lilith has evolved. Even jewish girls speak thru her magazines now. Like Mary Magdalene the bitter images of the church has softened in the reality of present research. Goddesses all!

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Well the thing is if you know the story behind lilith is that she was adams first wife. but she was too much of a ***** for him so he asked God to make another for him and so God created Eve from adams rib, and thus created two halves of one whole. Lilith became jealous and therefore left Eden and swore she would seek vengance on them. By threatening all new born decendants of the happy coupple.

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It always pissed me off that in my parents christian religion man was created "first" and that women were only created to keep him company (yes I am now atheist). Lilith is awesome, and so is this, she looks like "I'm a goddess and you are a mere man and I can do whatever I want". I'd never be able to do this with watercolors- all the translucent effects! The wings re gordeous and the face/expression is perfect. She looks rather peaceful, not angry or malevolent as Lilith is often portrayed. This is definately better because she just accepts everything, she's intelligent. Shes a eral woman and not some demon, again as she is always portrayed. (Not by artists much, but by scifi movies).

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Very beautyful! Like how you did the woman shine...

Art at its best.