The Wall is yours, Jon Snow. by goldseven

The Wall is yours, Jon Snow.

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Added: Sep 12, 2003
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A scene from the end of "A Storm of Swords" by G. R. R. Martin (again!)

Watercolour and Photoshop.

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I like this painting because it shows how disturbingly ugly one can be. Thank you for your time.

goldseven's picture

I could say that, at such a height, you'd only have to drop a crossbow bolt Wink But instead, I'll say, you're probably right, and thanks Smile

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Dont mean to be Mr Negative here, because you know everyone said this octure is "AWESOME!!!" I agree its, I love the facial expression of each character, but however, as a weapon collector, I couldnt help but to notice that the crossbows used by Grenn and the others are a bit too small, they were shooting enemy from 700 ft high, the crossbows they used should be much larger than that.

but still, a Very good job (though the crossbows still bugs me a bit Tongue)


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....AMAZING. All I can say...AMAZING. Gave me cold chills when I seen this picture. Great job.

goldseven's picture

Thanks, Josh! Unfortunately, I haven't got time for much personal art right now. I'm totally swamped in commissions and deadlines...

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These are all awesome. i was just wondering if you could make a picture of the small skirmish catlyn stark's "caravan" had on her journy to the erie. i would love to see tyrion weilding the axe against the trible mountian men. : )

Thank you.


jokisalo's picture

I've always loved your watercolored works.
And this, this is apsolutely your best watercolored work!

goldseven's picture

The whole colouring job is PS Wink The painting itself was greyscale. I love to work like that.

thrax-1's picture

i'm very impressed,your figure work is outstanding!and the attention to detail for each person is quite impressive,i likes it alot Smile.So was there just a slight colour change in photoshop? or was there some rendering involved?.

goldseven's picture

hee hee--thanks ^^

goldseven's picture

Cool--a few people said that. The situation is the same as well--a few stout defenders awaiting the onslaught of a foe that outnumbers them by a factor of 100....

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Great work, missis Jenny!
All of your pics are state of the art things
like E-WING or TIE Defender...
Keep up the excellent work!

Greetings form Russia! Smile

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I was reminded of Helm's Deep when I first saw this picture. ^_^ It rocks, and so do you, Jenny!

goldseven's picture

Thanks, Mary! Laughing out loud

goldseven's picture

And I need to learn "proper" watercolouring from you... *sigh* Wink

goldseven's picture

Aaaah! Good girl! Laughing out loud So, when can we expect your treatment of the main characters? Tongue

goldseven's picture

Yes, I usually do... and then there's the tendency to miss out on chores i don't want to do, in exchange Wink

goldseven's picture

Oh, yes! Thanks, Bill! Smile But it's always like that when I really like a book--before long, there'll be a few dozen pics at least. With these, might well be more than that!

kyrn's picture

as usual you rock:) I think I need to learn to draw men from you.

bcorbett67's picture

Great job Jenny, I can see the 'song of fire and ice' has really had a profound effect on you.

rhiamon's picture

Oh, this turned out great! Wonderful dynamics in this!

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Beautiful as always Jenny! Smile And you fixed that arm well !

BTW, I just ordered the 3 books in English on Smile

raich's picture

wow, i saw this in the forum, you work fast! beautiful work!

Art at its best.