HRH The Frost Queen I by brigid

HRH The Frost Queen I

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Added: Jun 17, 2003
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Colored Pencil portrait. Handpainted frame, acrylic, wood, puffy paint.

This portrait of Her Royal Highness the Fairy "Frost Queen the First" has recently revisited the human world by way of a Moroccan merchant. He claimed to have obtained the portrait from a mysterious and apparently chronically ill traveler (having traveled to the desert to rid himself albeit unsuccessfully of acute frostbite). The traveler claimed the portrait was cursed and was eager to be rid of it. He further asserted that the portrait had been passed down in his family for generations, yet only recently re-discovered upon the excavation of a rather dusty and frigid attic of a languishing Victorian under threat of renovation. The portrait is of the Fairy Frost Queen Skadia Crystella the first. And surprisingly was painted in the springtime owing to a lengthy and busy previous winter season in which her Highness was too preoccupied to sit for the portrait. The painting hung in the great hall of the lady's northern castle until the unfortunate occasion of the revolution of 1610 (led by Frederick the Fiery and the Flaming Fenwick Footmen). The portrait has resided in private collections from time to time; never enjoying a permanent home for any length of time due to recurring complaints of sniffles and shivers by many consecutive owners. Its current owner has long had a bizarre predilection for cool environments, and thus a high tolerance for cold viruses, but does however prefer to remain anonymous.

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You did this with coloured pencil?
It's off to buy coloured pencils I go!

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wow, i am jealous of the way you handle a coloured pencil!

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Very beautiful.

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This is quite beautiful. Very well done, you've managed to use cool tones yet create a sense of warmth and intensity with this portrait.

Art at its best.