DragonStar: Dyd's Pest Control by mrhook

DragonStar: Dyd's Pest Control

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 22, 2005
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Artwork Description

This is my first attempt at portraying an RPG character that I've played myself. Instead of taking our characters to Epic Level, we decided to cross over into the DragonStar game setting.

Meet Jeremiah Dyd, a.k.a. Jerry the Mighty, Slayer of Dragons and Opener of Doors. So far Jerry has been a mighty unhappy camper in the DragonStar scenario. Once celebrated as a famous dragon slayer, Jerry now inhabits a universe where killing a dragon can be prosecuted as a capital crime. After being generally bamboozled, hoodwinked, and otherwise deceived by the Drow running the secret service for the Dragon Empire, Jerry has decided fake his own death and "lie low" for a while.

Nowadays he tries to pass himself off as a retired SOLAR Knight (hence the sun-blade emblem), and advertises his services as an Outlands Pest Control Specialist (hence Dyd's Pest Control). He has received training for his new Assault Blaster, but still carries around his old adamantium great-sword, partly for sentimental reasons, but mostly because he has no idea how ridiculous it looks.

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