Breath of Life by smbcabjnp

Breath of Life

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 07, 2004
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A little piece I did in Photoshop. Please notify me if interested in prints. Prints available [url=]here[/url]

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Hi Tiffany! I found this site After Amanda told me about your graduation. First of all congratulations! This piece is my favorite. I love the way her shoulder slumps forward, expressing a physical exhaustion from pregnancy. This is juxtaposed by the satisfied expression on her lips. It captures motherhood in the bitter-sweet way--exhausting yet satisfying. Well done!


smbcabjnp's picture

haha! I haven't seen Bruce Almighty yet, but I can imagine what you are saying. I understand where you are coming from with the breasts. However, the model I referenced this from didn't have very big breasts and I liked the look. I will keep the idea in mind though. Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad you like it!

smbcabjnp's picture

Thank you very much and your critiques are always welcome. I will keep what you mentioned in mind. This probably would have been a good scene for the renewal contest. Too bad I didn't come up with it a litle earlier! Thank you.

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This is so b-e-a-utiful Tiffany! (Have you seen Bruce Almighty?) Just some constructive critisism, I this sme nice round milk-filled breasts would have neen nice also, but this is still gorgeous! The colors are so soft and warm! And the woman looks so peaceful! Great Job!

tirakah's picture

This looks like something that might have been seen in the renewal contest. Gorgeous job on the soft colors - I particularly like the slightly dappled look of the cloth. Her trailing arm looks like it could use some more refinement/definition, though I don't think it detracts from the mood - perhaps just something to keep in mind next time, if you don't mind a small critique. It's beautiful scene, overall

smbcabjnp's picture

Thank you very much, Cheryl. I really appreciate your comment. I am glad you like it!

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This is very pretty! I love the colours you have for the backgrounds and the little bits of flowers around. Nice work!

smbcabjnp's picture

Aw! That is probably the best comment I've ever gotten. Thank you so much! I am certainly glad you like it! Thank you for commenting.

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This pic is so WONDERFUL! I love the way her hair and lips are so vibrant and the way her hand rests protectively on her stomach. My fave pic on this site is now this one! Smile

P.S. my fave bit is the flowers, like renewing life or something...i'm into metaphors u see.

smbcabjnp's picture

haha! well thank you! I guess not everyone can have big breasts! I am so glad you like my pic though! Thank you!

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I love the shades, highlights and folds of the wrap/robe! and what lovely colour hair! I'd love to see some large, round, earth-mother breasts on her, but perhaps it would be too cliche.

Art at its best.