Heart of the Labyrinth by lysander

Heart of the Labyrinth

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 11, 2003
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The last pic of the formally male couple Justin and Lysander... The winged, dark man is the mage, Lysander, the true love of the vampire Bard Justin, the Lord of the Labyrinth, a mystical, dark district of Valvermont... This is their last night, they wanna spend together as a couple...

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your work is unbelivable, there is so much detail. you are an amazing artist, i would love to be ble to draw like you.
i have a friend who draws but can't find the imagination for the color so thats what i do i color his pictures form that's about how far my artistic ability's go. but you are amazingly talented. again wow!!!

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I love this piece have you ever thought of owning or renting a gallery.

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Yep, you're right, Luca, the dark hairedguy, is the more masculine one in their love. Ayco, the (silver) Haired elf, is the feminie part, but in fact, Ayco is the fragile soul, Luca the stronger, but sweet and soft hearted soul. His long hair... Luca, I play him since so many years, 10 or more. He's my mage, a D&D Chara... And Ayco, he's the chara of my friend and love Koriko...

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The best shading pic? Don't say such a thing, I'm not good as other artists here... only a drawer...

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This is a beautiful piece, rather remarkable use of pencil shading. I like the way that it seems to almost look like a card, the top half is certainly arranged like that with the wall being the background of the card, while the bottom looks like you're looking into a room with no walls except the back.

The subject for this piece interests me... Whenever I see a male/male couple, one of the males looks extremely feminine, and they're almost always very long-haired. In this picture, the blonde on the right seems to be the "feminine" one to me... Put a pair of breasts on him and he'd easily be a girl. The darker haired man is a lot more masculine (I think it's the chin), but he's still got very long hair.

The medium for this piece also intrigues me, it looks like you didn't use actual lines anywhere in it to guide your shading.... It seems almost impossible to me. It's really a pity, though, it seems like a lot of the detail got lost in the scanning. I can sort of see some of the detail in the small creatures you have dancing around the feet of the lovers, but I'd love to see a larger sized image.

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It's so innocent and cute, I love it!! I admire the amazing detail and it's probably the best shaded picture I have seen on epilogue yet...me loves da pretty pic-a-ture ^_^

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Yep... sorry. I wanna write the story, but my boss came in and then... Not the best idea, if I'm at Epilogue then...

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Ok - you already know I love the pic and think its one of your best ever.
I miss the story you usually post with it...

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Thank you... Smile But there are real master of pencils at epilogue... Not me...

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A friend of me had the original... It's poster size... Big. Ask Ulrike Kleinert...

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Then lemme see waht you draw... Smile

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Never ever... Aya Koyima is a god for me!!!! But thank you so much!

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Brilliant,simply Brilliant.

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I wish I could see the original so I could explore more of the detail.

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yeah..., I'll draw like you someday...

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Your work is stunning! it rivals the great Ayami Kojimas!!!!

Art at its best.