Neurotic Indisposition by alexandria

Neurotic Indisposition

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 06, 2008
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Artwork Description

Breaking lights of darkness in the distance,
Flickering apologetic words,
Subconsciously passive, last resistance
I just want to atomize, shatter out of consistence
Flying into heavens like a flock of birds.

Counting down nanoseconds of my toll.
Tracing down the lines of existence
And these words of wisdom overdue for all
It is far too late for heavenly assistance,
When my sins accounted for the ending goal

Body’s rusting in the rain,
I am trying to forget and be forgotten.
Something clawing from the inside at my brain,
Something ghastly, dark and rotten.

Hear me and thus accept my flesh
Take my eyes so I can see again
Maybe then I can no longer be forsaken
Maybe then I can awaken,
Start my life anew, afresh.

What it is:
Photoshop CS tablet brush work.
Painting for the cover of Sylosis music band

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Pardon me, my file names were mixed up. the picture I was referring to was "Enter The Inferno" Great background though. Glad you used it again~

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Isnt that the same background as Matrix? Regardless, favorite picture since Downfall~ I have a thing for damned angels. Stunning work, again! Thank you for sharing your talent with us~

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Amazing! thats all I can say.

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My glance is attracted magically by the detailed foreground, the buildings and the bright light on the horizon. And I like the monochrome colour scheme.

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wow. i dont suppose youve ever considered doing a rendition of phoenix rising? i only ask because with your talent and vision im sure it would be the picture ive been looking for

Art at its best.