Lúthien prepares her escape from Hirilorn by khorazir

Lúthien prepares her escape from Hirilorn

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It is told in the Lay of Leithian how she escaped from the house in Hirilorn; for she put forth her arts of enchantment, and caused her hair to grow to great length, and of it she wove a dark robe that wrapped her beauty like a shadow, and it was laden with a spell of sleep. Of the strands that remained she twined a rope, and she let it down from her window; and as the end swayed above the guards that sat beneath the tree they fell into a deep slumber. Then Lúthien climbed from her prison, and shrouded in her shadowy cloak she escaped from all eyes, and vanished out of Doriath. J.R.R. Tolkien: The Silmarillion, Of Beren and Lúthien

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double post... cant delete it -.-

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This is one of the most beautiful interpretations of Tinuviel I have seen so far. I love the pale coloring contrasting with her dark hair.

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This is my favorite of your pieces. Luthien is so beautiful here, and the setting and the light are just gorgeous.

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What is Fan art?
This shouldnt be here but overall love the image. Nice palette too.

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Luthien Tinuviel (Florence Nightingale...) has always been my fav among the female characters of JJR Tolkien. You are doing a great work. Keep on posting more on this topic please. I have saved that on to my PC.... Anar keluva tyellanna!

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Beautiful work!!!

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what a guality I really like in a man is that when he respects the woman so well so that she can be herself and you never get the feeling he is forcing you to something or expecting something from you but just let you make your picks like in a candy store that if anything makes you feel special and valuable and respected and wanted making you really want to know that other person too, almost feel like dreaming does this type of thing happen in real life at all or just hallusinating ? men just use force and intimidation to trap her to a certain direction I hate that and most of the women do see this clearly and only the pretend and gangs up with other women but one to one not any tribal seremonias is intersting and so mindblowing and real

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Gorgeous handling of watercolours. I'm jealous!

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I love the feeling of atmosphere and life. Your watercolors are indeed spectacular!

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Excellent work, Anke. I admire anyone who can paint this well in watercolors. Is this done on hot press illustration board?

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What a wonderful watercolour painting! The colours are perfect. Your Luthien is very beautiful, and the foliage is so well done. Bravo Smile

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Amazing watercolours, Anke! such a detailed and delicate touch in your paintings, J.R.R. Tolkien would have been so proud, I'm sure!

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Truly exquisite! Your work is outstanding.

Art at its best.