Imrahil tends to his nephew by khorazir

Imrahil tends to his nephew

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Even as the Nazgul had swerved aside from the onset of the White Rider, there came flying a deadly dart, and Faramir, as he held at bay a mounted champion of Harad, had fallen to the earth. Only the charge of Dol Amroth had saved him from the red southland swords that would have hewed him as he lay. J.R.R. Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings, Book 5, Chapter 4: The Siege of Gondor

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This is just sucah a great part of the book! Lovely to know that someone has finally decided to draw& paint it out!
And what a result! Excellent stuff - as usual! Wink
For more of Anke Eissmann's work check out
Has a bigger gallery than I have ever seen!

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I just love your watercolour technique whenever i see it...

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wow this work is just awesome! It is perfect in its complexity! great scene and detail... it's a pitty, that it has just that few comments O_o

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I love the picture, and I am pleased to see someone draw Imrahil. Do you have any others of Him and or his family? I do love all of your Lord of the rings art and I am happy to see someone draw Borimir and Farimir with dark hair. ^_^ If you do have any drawings of Imrahil and his other family members... please email me at


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Ouch! Great colors and texture. Very good atmosphere too, those horses in the background seem to help a lot with that. Lovely image overall!

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Wonderful use of color and the paint's texture! The suggestion of horses and dust in the background is masterful.

Art at its best.