Golden panda by kizalon

Golden panda

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 13, 2007
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Actually they are red pandas by their actual name.. but because they are so precious and loveable, I named this one golden. This is also a plea for this endagered species, which needs a lot of help to survive.

This piece is published in Ballistic Publishing's latest CG art collection called Exposé 6. It also received an Excellence award in Painted (Portrait) category. Good for red pandas!!

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kizalon's picture

I hope so too Evan! thank you for the thought.

etch's picture

Wonderful! The red pandas at the national zoo here are adorable. I hope this incites many people to help them, and save the critters that in Japan seem to be kept as housepets sometimes.

kizalon's picture

cool, thanks for commenting =)

Guest's picture

omg I love this work. I love red pandas and Im glad you like them too. love the style of your work, keep it up

kizalon's picture

that's a huge compliment Dear guest.. I'm out of words now, thank you =)

Guest's picture

..........Da vinci : La Donna With hermine, or something like this

Guest's picture

Wow, this is amazing! your pics are incredible! I love the woman and the panda's brilliant. the whole picture ahs such a claming feal! Beautiful!

kizalon's picture

thanks James Smile.. glad you think so. this is gonna be in ImagineFX's next issue, in case you're interested to take another look. I appreciate your thougts so much Smile

somerset's picture

SUPERB! Kirsi, beautifully painted and fantastic realism! I love and admire you motivation behind this gorgeous piece Smile

kizalon's picture

merci beaucoup Sylvie Smile)

Guest's picture

Trés réussi et poetique. J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites.

kizalon's picture

thank you, I appreciate that Ivana =)

anawi's picture

What can I say,this is beautiful,I very like your style!

kizalon's picture

Muuuch appreciated Nathan. I know I'm a bit different when making colour choices, I don't know why that is exactly. Maybe because I really don't like to follow references from photos and I fill the missing parts with imagination how I see it fitting with the idea and rest of the piece.. Never been a real fan of photorealism, rather make it painterly and vivid than too.. hmm, logical Wink -- thank you for your comment mate!

kizalon's picture

thank you Rita Smile.. yeah, I concider that to be one of the most important things of how I see the result of the piece. Without the right light, the message would be lesser, I think. Thank again for your comment, it's always a pleasure!

kizalon's picture

thank you Constanza.. I'm glad I managed to revoke that emotion again. There's never enough love in this world to share Smile

Guest's picture

Emotion comes through once again and I love the spotty bruised style and color choices for the skin tones and color for the pandas leg as well. Also think this composition is really working for you...

rita's picture

You always have such a wonderful light in your paintings

faerywitch's picture

That is a very beautiful and tender pic, I love the textures.

Art at its best.