Fallen empire by kizalon

Fallen empire

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Added: Dec 01, 2007
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Cheers again.. here's my latest installment.. took a few days but I'm glad I "suffered" that much with it.
I could write a book about how this was made, and another book about the story! Hehe.. ok, let me just say that the bg is a place I visited last October and took loads of great photos of the place. Then combined and modified the pics heavily and then re-coloured and someways painted some places over. Had so much fun doing that! All other things are painted only in CS2. I started this piece as an attempt to do a matte painting practise, buuut.. you know how can easily go to another direction...
And I'm a person who craves a story in every picture I produce so just couldn't settle with only a landscape scenery.
Alright about the story... (It's from my unfinished book called 'Ordera') A young emperor is fatally wounded by his own soldiers while stopping them killing the boy who flies one of the feared 'equu dragni''s. He manages to escape with the hurt emperor, to desperately seek out the one person who can help to save him.
Hope you enjoy looking this. I'll be putting some close-ups and bigger version of this soon.

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Very beautiful piece with the coloring it really helps me too, to get some inspiration for writing fantasy stories. again nice piece Smile

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unreal......i can't get enough of u!!!!

mizzdraconia's picture

Absolutely love your work!
Congrats on the editors pick too!

kizalon's picture

thank you =)

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it's like from the dungeons and dragons.. Smile

kizalon's picture

thank you. That was one of the best compliments that an artist can receive.. much appreciated and you made me really happy that new roads opened to you through these works of mine. Keep it going strong and best of luck! =)

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Hi dear kirsi
First of all I wanna thank because u opened a new view before my eyes. i used to earn a living on painting some ten years ago. I left it for good for some reasons. I dare say you are bringing me back to the art life by your splendid works. Actually your last light touches which are in exact places to be. I belive you are the one in this field.
reverently SAmin

kizalon's picture

thank you Simon =). It means a lot to me you feel that way. You've been one of the greatest inspirations here at Epi and when you think I deserve it, then I'm really proud Laughing out loud. Those buildings were especially fun and challenging to make. Don't know why I've been kinda avoiding making buildings and big sceneries before.. hehe, maybe I've just grown up a bit.

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Ed's Pick eh? eh? Wink Nice one, and totally deserved. Great action pic and those baroque buildings are excellent.

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Great to hear that Malcolm! thank you! It's the first time ever for me to make a piece with buildings and this challenging perspective.. in the beginning the dragon was very different, it wasn't born like that at all. But something just clicked in my head and decided to make it as striking as it can with that kind of view behind it all. Originally this was meant to be just a landscape.. My mother wants the background alone on her liging room wall. Hehe Laughing out loud Thank god for layers!

kizalon's picture

I appreciate that Matt, thanks! Hehe, cool to get an editor's stamp there after such a long time.. but hey, I told you speedpainting had an effect on me(!)Laughing out loud -- the storypart is quite interesting thing, since I've only figured this happening in my head and scribbled it to my small notebook.. this scene happens in the last chapters of the first book. Been only writing the finished text for aout 130 pages so there's a long way ahead.. but it's fun and I don't worry about when it's done, just know it's ready someday, hehe.

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Wonderful picture! The architecture, perspective, colour and light work brilliantly, and I love the dragon.

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Well done, it's a great painting and all the more fascinating with a story and a little of the process. Editors pick!! Nice one Smile

Art at its best.