Van Fanel by kizalon

Van Fanel

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Added: Jan 20, 2008
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A tribute piece made just for being a fan of the Vision of Escaflowne -series. Instead of giving him his real white wings, I decided to make him
more darker and grim. After all, he's the last King of Fanelia and carries a huge burden on his lonesome shoulders.
Also this was a great way to experience what kind of styles can be mixed together, like manga art and more painterly, classic style.
-- Thank you for viewing =) --

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i loved Van and you made me love him more now...thank you...

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hehe! Thanks for pointing out the details.. I especially didn't want to make an exact copy of him, more like controversial impression of his character. That's why the black wings and different hair etc Smile. The reason the gear looks not the way in the movie/series, is that I never watch any models in terms of making 'fan art'. I rely on my imagination and memory with them.

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Van's wings are not black, the slhouder "shield" is longer, Van's hair is black, he doesn't wear geens, and he wears more gear, watch the movie!

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hehehe.. as they say; artist should always make fan-pics better-looking than the originals. But this is a Dark Van Fanel.. dark ones are most of the time more handsome than the good guys Wink -- I appreciate your nice comment!!

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Blaire, thank you for your wonderful visit and giving such nice comment! I haven't been visiting Epilogue for a long time and it's so great to see this kind of feedback. -- what comes to happy ending, it's up for the 'people' involved to decide how they create it Wink

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You are really talented! It's really beautiful! I love it!

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I love all of your work-I just wanted to say that this one, is quite handsome. I lOVE your style! All of your art is facinateing. I also love your peice "My Sunsjine". The characters in that peice are beautiful-I hope you give them a happy ending.


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thank you Uwe for that overwhelming complement Tongue -- I'm so happy you like this. It's actually one of my first tryouts with an already existing character.. I'm already planning to make another one about Edward from Full Metal Alchemist, just for the fun and challenge, hehe =)

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thank you Rita.. I wanted to make him more like a "real" boy than a regular manga-looking.. So finding that right pose and gestures to tell out his nature was important part of the whole fun process =)

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Kirsi you are a genious, breathtaking work!

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Kirsi, this is so wonderful - even his bodylanguage tells his loneliness.

Art at its best.