Shivarka Taurus by kizalon

Shivarka Taurus

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Here`s a creature called a zara. Their history is shrouded in mystery and isolation, after their race was hunted and hated and put to exile. Most of all zaras in Ordera were killed in the kingdom of Pangaya. Now there`s only a handful left of these beings who to most people are merely called as a `demon`, but they don`t know what this actually means in `real life`, usually people mistake them for being beggars or hermits and forget they saw them at all. Countering a zara face to face doesn`t get to happen but very rarely, since they do not want to be seen but only in the places they need to be present and manage business affairs. They hide their face under the deep hood to avoid sunlight at all cost, since their skin is extremely sensitive and easy to burn in bright sunlight. They enjoy the light otherwise deeply.

I translated a small chapter from the book itself where there`s a conversation between Shivarka and Kifu, the previous being a young sangrae composer (sorcerer in certain terms).

"Zara sighed and shook his head.
"You thought even I was a fable, slackminded boy. I can gaze at your mind easily as watching a starry sky in bright moonlight. Everything can be seen with bare eyes, but you don`t even try to look beyond your own stupidity. You`d be surprised what lies out there.. there can be whole worlds which you don`t want to see. However they see you the moment you close your eyes! Hahahaha!"
After this been said, Shivarka didn`t speak further that night.
Kifu couldn`t sleep at all. He watched the demon and tried to resolve his mixed and frightened thoughts.
Was Rei in such a place what Shivarka had mentioned? It couldn`t be.."

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wow! i just saw that i had posted back on the 6th of May my birthday lol, Any way i never got a e-mail about this book being published or not Sad Great art work.

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wicked, I love his look and the words to describe their race. Is this book by chance on the shelf's? if so could you send me a link to the name at thanks. I would love to read more.....

Art at its best.