Mermaid Anatomy by kamokid

Mermaid Anatomy

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Added: Mar 28, 2004
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We have all seen artwork of mermaids. With this piece, I decided that I would like to discover how the body works of a mermaid. What is the true structure under the skin. Here is one thought of how I think it could be.

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This design totally ignores the biology of aquatic fish and mammalian species.

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I think that the fused bones; well, it isn't actually fused, but there is cartilage and tendons which allow the femur bones to move the "tail".

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Hi there, my name is Rebecca =) And I am a member of an art group called Mermafied.

I admire the work you've put into this piece - it is admirable. Though myself and a few friends wonder about the anatomy of your mer here. This is just my opinion, but I think for the mer to be properly functional, that the tail skeleton should have been based far more on the dolphin as apposed to the human... (you said in a comment you were looking at dolphin anatomy?). The way you have it, it seems to me as if you have fused the leg bones of the human

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I went through several ideas with the tail. I looked primarily at dolphin's antomy (which was very difficult to find). I had to figure out a way in which I could be somewhat consistent with previous versions of mermaids and what they can do (eg. bend at the knee, sit down, etc.)

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Though I'm not one for the jointed tail in mermaid design, this is an awesomely ambitious project.

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It took me about 16 wks to do this whole sculpture. This includes figuring out the anatomy.

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What a creative concept, neat!

Art at its best.