Fast Forgiveness by anry

Fast Forgiveness

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Added: Aug 11, 2003
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That work not about church, religion or something... my work about people about their feelings in our modern world. Very often Peoples didnt think about what they do in our world and didnt take responsibility for their doings relaying on Others. Sins have no connection to religion or race. And, ofcourse, i didnt intend to hurt everyones feelings and if so.. please sorry.

Procreate Painter 7, Original Size: 5000 x 11618 (px.)

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Anry: As a person of fairly orthodox faith I wanted you to know that you need not apologize. I found this painting profoundly interesting. As has been said, it is a beautiful work and the image raises questions about humanity's use of religion as a tool rather than journey into relationship with others and the divine. It was on display on Pininterest, and I immediately set it in my own board entitled "There's a Story Behind That" where I place images that may get me writing. As sad as she is, that little automaton's blue eyes touched my heart.

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this is really something

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Absolutely wonderful. Reminds me of how the Catholic Church, prior to and during the Reformation, would sell absolution for sins.

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amazing work

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This piece is one of my absolute favorites. I see a cruel reality, and I mean really cruel.

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I love this piece, there is honesty here, pure and ruff, but honesty none the less.

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It gave a real thrill...

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i especially like the chain...

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Love all your work, but this one has got to be my favorite. Awesome work. both in rendering and in the underlying message. Kudos!

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This is a wonderful piece of work. It touched me deep down. I daresay that it is one of the best i have seen. I am amazed with the message brought accross. VERY NICE JOB.

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I'm astounded beyond coherent thought. This is just...incredible. Katia.

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A very important message backed up with very impressive art skills. Well done Smile

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great great composition !!! amazing colors...thats it !


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this is my favorite out of all the images i've seen from you.

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This is a double hit in my book. It looks gorgeous; the dark colors up front, but then the bright rainbow of colors just around the corner... Then there's the emotions and the meaning that it conveys. Wonderful piece. I wish more people could see this one.

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Great concept and artwork , very effective art with a message , congrats on your work have something very special with your art...

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This is so beautiful, powerful and sad. Good work!

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Great piece Anry. Beautiful work.

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Now this is a fine piece of art anry.on the side of technicality.its superb,having captured a cold stark mood,with bold colours is quite unusual.This piece gets one thinking about your message aswell,and to have a piece powerfull on both accounts is quite rare,Congratulations on editors pick Smile

Art at its best.