Unicorn joy by rie

Unicorn joy

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Added: Sep 22, 2003
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notthing really to say..
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I love this!
What kind of colors do you use?

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I think it is the best Unicorn picture I have seen.

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I love art but this one isnt comparied to any art paintings I ve seen plus i must add I am a unicorn lover and this painting speaks for itself and I honestly love it the movement of the artwork in this piece is really captavating along with the emotions tied to this painting. You truly are a great artist!!

rie's picture

thankyou for the nice comment.

why acrylics.. well i just feelt like painting some with acrylics. it was like my second try with them.
but i love oils as well.

dim's picture

well!do i really need to post a comment!great colours!but why acrylic and not oil?anyway its good!

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thankyou so much.<3

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I love unicorns and this is beautiful, you are such an inspiration!!! Very beautiful!!!

rie's picture

thank you very much:) hmm maybe your right.. But I don't think I'm gonna touch this anymore.. it is 1 year old and I like to look back on some of my old pieces and get the feeling that I have gotten just a little better since that.. hehe:) If you know what I mean?
But thanks alot for your lovely comment, it means alot to me! Smile

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i luv it, the only thing that you might want to enhance is the mane. It needs to stand out more.

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thank you so much:) Really means alot!

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I love paintings where you can actually see the brush strokes - lovely sense of movement in this Smile

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Thanks so very much for the lovely comment:)

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This is lovely --very nicely composed. I especially like the trail of butterflies and all their various colors and flying positions. I can just seem them fluttering about...!

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thank you so much Lew for the great comment:) Really means alot!

lew's picture

If you don't have to say anything, I'll: Gorgeous work! Very nice mood. I like the dynamic angle of the unicorn and your choice of colour. Lew.

rie's picture

thank you so much! a great comment to get from such and awesome artist as yourself:)

sade's picture

Amazing! Simple. I like the composition, and the execution.

rie's picture

thank you so much Smile

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I love the motion in this picture especially. Nice work.

rie's picture

Your most welcome about the comment, it was a great piece:) And thanks for your sweet comment! Means alot:)

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Nice unicorn. Just thought id return the compliment, since u found my balrog scary. Maybe i'll try to do something as nice as yours one day, instead of just trying to terrify people all the time...

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thank you so much Erika!! ^_^ Glad you liked it:)

erikathorpe's picture

this is absolutely beautiful, so romantic and magical. I love the texture of the paint in the background.

rie's picture

Hi! Your most welcome:)

And thank you so much for your kind words!! Really means a lot hearing that from a great artist as yourself! So thank you very much! Smile

ama's picture

Hi Linnea! Thx for your comment on my gallery Smile
You are amazingly talented ! this is really a beautiful and original work. You have style! I adore the cute look in the Unicorn's eyes. Great composition in the movement also.
My compliments ^_^

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aww mange tak skal du ha'! Wink

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Hej Rie Smile Hvor er den smuk, meget eventyrlig! Jeg er helt vild med alle sommerfuglene!

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Thank you Matti Smile

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aww.. thank you so very much!! I really appreciated it Smile

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How did I miss this one?!! The joy is there shining out for all to see. What a beautiful painting!

Art at its best.