Girl walking her pet octopus by ninni

Girl walking her pet octopus

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Added: Aug 17, 2003
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Personally, I love b/w. This is really cute; I love the octopus... Smile

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cool i want a pet squid now

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Theres only one thing I dont like,, no wait two. the pointless exhibition of her undies (I know they do that alot in anime style but that dosent mean I have to like it) and the big fat neck

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OH WOW thats brill hey and i love black and white stuff too great pic! Smile

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you're really good I wish that I that I could draw this good

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The idea is great. And b/w rocks!!
Keep it up, I'll be watching your gallery Smile

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I myself would more appreciate a pet sloth, but the girl has a right to choose her pet. And as for this picture not being epilogue material.... well... it's not actually polite to say.... this is really good! You have a unique style and the b/w is cool. ^_^

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ehhh this is so funny. definitely a unique idea

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its ssssooooo perty ;D

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u idiots it made it into epilogue so dont say its not "epilogue status"
I love it nina its one of my favorites i absolutly LOVE black and white picture!!!

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It's a pity that so few people appreciate black ad whites without backgrounds, I agree.. bt it states in te Epilogue rules that such things aren't allowed. Why this was accepted and everything I've submitted in over a year was rejected, I'll never know. Perhaps the mod was on drugs, and saw colors that weren't there..?

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I love it its adorable you should definitly keep it posted...

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That´s cool. Now I know I´m not the only one who likes simple b/w stuff Smile

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hey, keep them coming! I love simple black & whites. thats actually all I look for in the gallerys. Smile

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Nice background.

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I think it's adorable. If it was accepted, it belongs here. I think the strength of the design and the concept was what got it accepted. Walking an octopus! C'mon, that's GREAT! I HAD to take a look.

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Ninni, I don't think you need to remove the picture. After all, it was accepted here, so apparently somebody found it suitable. It's a pity so few people appreciate simple black and white drawings. :/

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I tend to do lots of simple black and white illustration work without actual background because I feel it´s easier to fit this kind of pictures between the text. I´m sorry if you find it not suitable here, and if I get similar opinions I will remove it from my gallery. I´ll try to post something more "appropriate" in the future Smile

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Nice, but i think that picture isn´t really epilogue status ô.O

Art at its best.