Anja in the Twilight Faerie Grove by goddessart

Anja in the Twilight Faerie Grove

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 19, 2003
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Oil on board - 8 x 10

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goddessart's picture

Ah Sheri, you should be a writer. Thanks for the sweet words.

Guest's picture

Your work continues to stimulate my Artmystic Mind.
You, Rebecca, are a true inspiration.
Please continue your dreams transposed to art, allowing mine eyes to continue their effervescent dance~

goddessart's picture

Hi Debbie - so surprised to see you posting in my gallery here! Yes, I do sell prints of this painting, and should advertise as such on my site - when time permits I'll update. Thanks so much for the kind words.

Guest's picture

If you was selling this I know I couldn't afford this painting, have you thought of making posters to sell of your artwork or is everything a one-of-a-kind? I love all your sculpts, sketches and paintings.


goddessart's picture

Thank you Sarah!

fortryllelse's picture

Amazingly Wonderful!

goddessart's picture

Oh, and that photo was taken while I was watching Donato paint at Milwaukee GenCon 2000, I believe.

goddessart's picture

Hey Ken - actually Richard Hescox wanted to use me for a painting. Who knows if that will ever happen. J.P. sat and sketched me in Orlando while we were at lunch, and Ed Cox, my honey, uses my girls and me in many of his really beautiful one almost finished tentatively titled 'The Light Goddess'. Smile

kenmeyerjr's picture

You know, this may sound silly, but judging from your little avatar photo, you look like you would make a great model for something!

goddessart's picture

Thank you so much Hugo. I love 'indescribable season' fits. I visited your gallery as well and really love your artwork.

hugo's picture

As you know, Rebecca, the colors are great. I feel it as an indescribable season.

goddessart's picture

Hey you! I uploaded it a few days later than the first set of images.


goddessart's picture

Thanks Mary! You are all so sweet.

pakage's picture

How'd I miss this? That looks great! Nice wings!

rhiamon's picture

Awwwww...she's so magical and dreamy! Beautiful colours - and I love the Cockatoos!

goddessart's picture

Thank you so very much, Patrick. You are very kind.

megaflow's picture

Welcome to Epilogue! I love the feel of this - lots of detail and magic. A very classic feel to it.

goddessart's picture

Thank you so much John. I am a great admirer of your work.


jeshannon's picture

Beautiful Painting !! the colors are stunning.

goddessart's picture

Ah Bean Shae, I love your description of 'the hair is tinkling', thank you so very much for your kind words!

goddessart's picture

Robert, what a wonderful take on this painting you have! Thanks so much for the kind words.

goddessart's picture

Thanks again James. She was my first dip back into oil painting in several years. Oils are marvelous for colour creamy. Thanks again!

ribiks's picture

The hair is trinkling and the dress is so beautiful,and the whole colors are harmonious!

elneskog's picture

yumm..what a babe! very good job Rebecca. Like the dress she is wearing...she´s a butterfly maybe? from a little puppet she is now hatching and is transformed into one of the most beutiful creatures.....aww....fantastic...

somerset's picture

A totally enchanting painting, Rebecca! your colour work is quite beautiful, lovely details on the dress and wings! bravo!

goddessart's picture

Thank you Tom. You are very kind.


portalrun's picture

Very nice Rebecca, beautifull details and magical feeling here...great job

goddessart's picture

Thank you Nath! Smile

Guest's picture

Gorgeous work Rebecca!It's so peaceful and the colors are so harmonious!
Can't stop staring at this picture! Nath

goddessart's picture

Thank you so very much! She was fun to paint.


Art at its best.