Phedre, Drow by goddessart

Phedre, Drow

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 06, 2004
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12" high piece sculpted from Aves Apoxie Sculpt over wire and foam armature, painted with acrylics.

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goddessart's picture

Thanks Dewyne!

oolong's picture it!

panzersmurf's picture

Ahhh! Goodie goodie! Just what a drow would look like in my world! Excellent sculpture, and a superb paint job! Love it!

goddessart's picture

Thanks so much Maureen!

motco42's picture

I like her stance and the weight. It's excellent work. Good looking Drow.

goddessart's picture

Thanks so much, Uwe!

j-art's picture

can´t tell you how much i love your sculptures - so much detail - so well done - just fabulous!!!!!!

goddessart's picture

Oh thanks Steph! Seeing YOUR stuff makes me want to paint and draw! I would love to see that faery you were sculpting.

puimun's picture

Oh, I love it Rebecca! Seeing your stuff always makes me want to do more sculpture. maybe it's time to dig out the sculpy again.

goddessart's picture

Dearest Jeff - thank you so much! I would be happy to tell you all about the material I use, Aves Apoxie Sculpt, and yes, a tutorial is in progress. If you want information now, just email me as I have a stock email I send out to all new Aves sculptors. I would love to see you sculpt! Thanks again for your very, very kind comments. Your work rocks.

thejeff's picture

ok, you have to let me know what that apoxie stuff is and maybe a bit about your overall technique( or should i wait for a posted tutorial?). i am loving this by the way.

goddessart's picture

Thank you so much, with all of my pieces, a labor of love. Phedre is a true favorite of mine - well, I suppose they all are. *Smile*

caitmf1's picture

rebecca; you are just an increbible sculpturer;your whole gallery is just beautiful and is the quality that true fantasy should be; the pose and expression on this statue are just beautifully rendered and i love the elements of speed and stillness you captured with such a pose

goddessart's picture

Hi Tiina - she can be whatever you wish her to be...she isn't as dark as a real drow, so perhaps she is half-drow and half-icequeen...

goddessart's picture

Oooohh...'wicked', I love it! Thanks, J.P.!

vengince's picture

Rebecca this is wicked..really really good work.

goddessart's picture

Hey thanks Lucy! You can sculpt too, I'm sure! It's a skill acquired just like painting/drawing/etc. Thanks for your kind words.

tigerzi's picture

You have such beautiful scuplture work here, Rebecca! I am in absolute awe of anybody who can sculpt - and, boy, can you ever sculpt! The pose, colours, concept - all are fantastic. I can't believe the amount of detail you've managed to get into her costume - it must have taken you ahes, but it really paid off! I wish I had one of my own!

goddessart's picture

Thank you Tatiana! I look forward to seeing more of your sculptures!

fauna's picture

Excuisite detailing and nice pose for the character

goddessart's picture

Dearest Jennifer, thank you! As for armor, Phedre actually has such a lovely neck, but I covered it up with armor, as I would think it would be too vulnerable...I try to make it believable to some extent. Thanks for your kind comments.

jlwilliamson's picture

Rebecca, she's really lovely. I love what you do with women and armor. All her armor feels very 'real' and practical. I know that she's probably supposed to have dark skin, but she seems perfect as is...more of an ice elf or half-drow.

goddessart's picture

It is also a skill, and one you could nurture...I'd love to see you sculpt! Thanks, Marilyn!

blueunicorn's picture

Your sculptures are amazing! So much detail and so life-like. I've always wanted to try to sculpt or carve. But when I see what people like you can do I feel it is a talent that I am aspiring to ....rather than have! Absolutely wonderful work!

goddessart's picture

Hi Stan and thanks! Yes, I will most likely bring her to Oasis...can't wait to see you there!

imagerystan's picture

Looks like another great piece Rebecca. Hope you are bring it to Oasis.

pyro's picture

Oh my. That would be wonderful. And so will the sea elf! *gets all excited* You could have her as a wizard. n__n

goddessart's picture

Jill, your words are too kind...thank you! I really have no plans, but to show her at a few shows...she will be for sale once I settle on a price and am ready to let her go. On to the next one...with her watching as I work... Smile

jilliwilli's picture

Rebecca, she is stunning! Her pose alone speaks volumes, and her details are utterly fabulous! She conveys the perfect focus of a seasoned hunter... well done!
What are your plans for her?

goddessart's picture

Oh thanks, Ali. I kept lightening her skin...just a personal preference, I suppose. I'll be sure to make another with black skin...thanks again!

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