Hallowed Valley by contemplator

Hallowed Valley

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 28, 2003
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A forgotten land of solitude where lonely wanderers may reconcile their souls with the will of the Universe. (24x36" oil on canvas).

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i love the colore that u used, its really warming.

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Exciting to see brilliant works of yours. Miss you a lot.

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I think it is one of the most beautiful pictures in the galleries, i love the use of color.

contemplator's picture

Thanks for your feedback Christiann, I really like your artwork~

caitmf1's picture

clouds are so hard to do but uve managed to do them beautifully; and secondly fantasy landscapes often fall dead; this is beautiful and full of life

contemplator's picture

Thanks Firas, it means a lot to me Smile

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Thanks Jennifer, I appreciate your comments~ ^_^ I'm not sure about otakon, we'll see...

virage's picture

The full painting is even more great! Those mountains that fade into the background are especially appealing. From my computer screen, the mountains farthest back look almost as if they were done in watercolors because they are so clean and pale even though this is oil, a very neat effect ^_^ Will you be at Otakon again this year? You should send in more stuff to display...

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Hey Saad, Firas here. Brilliant work again. Keep 'em coming~!

contemplator's picture

Thank you friends, I appreciate the warm encouragement very much Smile

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So much talent at such a young age; it's amazing. The clouds are thoroughly majestic; it's astounding! I would definitely give you e-Props if this was a Xanga site. Smile

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damb good painting saad!.Incredible scenery,But very impressive cloud works.Almost has an old 50's movie matte painting feel to it. especially painted for the end of a movie before the credits start to roll!.Brilliant work Saad.

Art at its best.