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Added: Jun 27, 2004
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The sudden extinction of several life forms on earth 65 million years ago is speculated to have been caused by numerous factors, one of which is the collision of an ancient comet with our planet leaving a vast half-submerged crater (with a diameter of 170 kilometers) off the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. The extinction of dinosaurs heralded the rise of mammalian species, and the subsequent inheritance of dominion over the earth by humankind.

The three dominant monotheistic religions on earth believe that God created Adam as the first human being and expelled him from the Garden of Eden. Perhaps this expulsion manifested itself as a violent impact; mankind symbolically being thrown towards the earth from the Heavens...

(Painting size: 48"X48")

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how are you ? We appreciate your work of art. you have a very nice and imaginative work. im from jeddah. i would like to chat with you to share more of your fantasy art. add me at

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I love this piece! Do you mind if I use it as a background for my comp? It's stunning!

contemplator's picture

Wow that's too kind and totally undeserved Smile thank you

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The most stunning work of art I have ever seen.

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as a christian or otherwise i love this piece. you did a wonderful job saad!

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Although I do not believe in God, I still think the piece is magnificient!!

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I love how you seperated the cosmic heavens from the Earth with that line of curvature. Excellently painted dramatic piece.

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Thanks everyone Smile

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Yea great stuff saad Wink. fantastic colours and absolutely fascinating concept. I really appreciate the opening in the atmosphere up above, has a very cinematic aesthetic about the piece. Excellent work Wink.

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Absolutely stunning work!

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What a fascinating concept, and a great idea for a painting. You have fantastic use of color in this Saad. This is quite stunning. Great work.

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Whoa, this is gorgeous! Great execution of a great idea.

Art at its best.