MW-77 Maneuverability by cybergooch

MW-77 Maneuverability

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 04, 2003
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Artwork Description

The MW-77 demonstrates it's high grade-climbing capabilities.

Maya, Poser, Photoshop

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I do like the idea you have spawned with this creation but I have noticed that the hydrolic pistons are exposed and are not camouflaged plus the gatling gun on the front needs mobility so it can be used for effective fields of fire. Also not so commonly known, tanks can bury themselves to lower their profile in defensive situations, can the MW-77 do this or atleast lie flat? I have also noted the ratio of the men to the vehicle. What scale is the armour on the vehicle? It would appear not to be very thick unless its some sort of futuristic armour, even then the body is very exposed. the weakest section of a tanks armour is the gap between the chasis and the turret ,the underneath and the back.I would suggest putting some sort of mesh or lose armour to take care of projectiles.

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hehe i need to get my self one of those... and that model is going to be hell can i borrow a pic, of the MW-77 prototype?

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Are you sure your pics arnt photos?!
There just too good

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That is just great the terane is amazing keep up the good work

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i'm almost convinced that this really is a military prototype. An official military webpage with a whole gamut of these things would send the conspiracy theorists into a frenzy. Great work!

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I have to comment on this. Why didn't you submit this into the 'Future of War' Art contest?! =]-
As for the picture itself - I love it. I like seeing good 3D work though so I might be biased but that is a great image - Well done.

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I think the u.s. needs a a few of these built

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Dude, you're scaring me! You are god...real good. I'm officially a fan!

Art at its best.