Fairy and Serpent by j-art

Fairy and Serpent

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Added: Mar 20, 2005
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This piece was more or less a test, as I am still not satisfied with the look of my digital paintings, I thought I take a picture from Boris Vallejo as reference to get this natural media feeling right – some of you may recognize the reference piece easily Wink. So I sketched the piece with adding my own model, a slightly changed serpent and tree and started to paint – and that’s the result. Painted as usual in Painter.
Now I really would love to know what do you think, not about the painting in general, as it is more Boris than me, but about the textures and things like that – do you think this has a little more “natural media” charm than my previous pieces????
Any suggestion is much appreciated…

Thanks as always for all your comments and help – You are the best!!!!

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Thanks for the comment, if I was able inspire an 15 years old to draw, all my hard work payd off, so just go for it!

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uwe, as i look through your artwork i am more and more inspired to draw. and as a 15 year old i will try harder. i love this piece and yor fairy and dragon piece both very inspiring.

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tare mai desenezi

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omg those pictures are wsome i wish i could draw like you but im 11 im not that good but i could draw good if i was a art galary boss or something i would give you a milliin dollors nice work you did a great job

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I'll have to agree with James here, I personally enjoy your artwork as much as any type of painting. Maybe even moreso, by the possibilities that digital can offer - that other mediums cannot. Moreover, your vision really comes through on this. A timeless gem.

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Thanks James my friend, you always know how to make me feel good Smile – and I also don’t worry to much about the medium, at least there’s almost no medium that I didn’t try, currently I love to experiment and learn as much as I can digital, cause if it comes to commission it is just the fastest medium I currently know, and due to my day job I have at least the financial freedom to experiment as much as I want Wink. And isn’t it wonderful exiting to learn new things when it comes to art?

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Hi Uwe, I really don't worry too much about what medium I'm viewing, to me it is the fantastic end result that matters and you always come up with the goods in that respect! but this one sure looks like oils to me! the textures and colours are simply amazing!

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Thanks Scott – always great to hear from you my friend!!!

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Hey Uwe! Wow, another fantastic work you have here. I agree with evryone else that it does look less digital, which is something I've been trying to achieve as well. I love the way your paintings always use great lighting and color in your backgrounds, which draws the viewer's eye, but still doesn't pull attention from the figure. Nice work on the translucent look of her wings also and I love that detail on that blade. Great work as always Uwe! Smile

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Thank you Rita, your comments are always too kind – thank you my friend!!!

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Thanks Chris glad you think so...

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Thanks for the very nice comment, much appreciated! THANKS!

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Hi Matthew – hehe – yes think you are right with the identity crisis of digital media – lol! But that’s not the reason I try to achieve a more "natural” look with my digital paintings – The reason to me is just cause I want to try it – not for clients, not for anyone other, just for me. The goal for me will be to be able to achieve the same look with my digital pieces than with my traditional media pieces – so I will be free to choose the media that I want and get the same look at the end (not sure if I ever get that, but at least it is worth a try Wink. And hehe, I think it is much easier to achieve a natural look with digital media than to achieve a digital look with traditional media – lol – ( Shock a thing I now seriously have to think about)..

Thanks for the great comment my friend, and keep up your fantastic stuff – I’m still in awe by your "Crash” piece, an awesome piece really!!!

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Hi Simon – thanks for the comment – and you explain yourself very well. I exactly know what you mean, and keep that in mind – thanks pal!!!

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Thanks Marley – glad you like it, and as said this piece was just a test with different brushes and paper textures in painter. This is still not what I want, but I think it goes in the right direction Smile

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Thanks Joe, much appreciated...

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UWE, this is outstanding. Just love her wings. And the mood is so magical... Great work!

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This looks far more comfortable than some of your past work Uwe, I think you're on a good track personally. I would however like to see more of a background Smile. Great work!

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I am a sucker for real media and the work of Vallejo; I can see where you've been influenced by the way you've done the dragon's skin. It's so beautiful and natural looking; the difference colours also adds to how realistic it is.
Over-all this piece is brilliant, the way everything seems to merge into itself is very calming. An amazing image; beautifully original wings too.

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Uwa, It's a fantastic painting! you've capturing the feel of natural media very well, I've tryed to do this myself, finding it harder to do the more i tryed to do it, and so i stopped trying. Sometimes i think that digital art has a bit of an identity crisis in that we seem to like it more when it looks like something else. The thing is, I think it does make a difference if your trying to get work, in that people seem (in my opinion) To like the natural media look! For me, your one of the best artists here and I like this painting, not because it looks like oils but because it's good, very good! It might sound like I'm criticising but it's not ment to.

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You're trying to do exactly what I'm trying to do at the moment - get a more natural look, less digital. In the main you've succeeded. The picture, as usual, is excellent. The colours work really well and the textures are generally convincing. I think where it still looks too much like digital is the fog - it's too smooth. The clouds are good so I think you should have done the same with the fog instead of use a soft brush. Well... to clarify - the edges of the fog should be harder, but the body of the fog should of course still be soft. I don't explain myself well so I hope you know what I mean. Great work.

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ahh nice work Uwe!. You can see the effort to achieve the painterly look, with the somewhat loser brush strokes for the background (thpough they are still tight). Kinda has a royo feel to it!. Nice work on those wings ^^. Nice work Uwe.

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beautiful as always.....great work.

Art at its best.