Mammoth Riders Sketch by j-art

Mammoth Riders Sketch

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Added: Jun 22, 2005
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As I did mostly all of my digital pieces with using only digital medium, even for the sketches, I will try now to mix the mediums more and more – so this is the pencil sketch to my Mammoth Riders piece which I scanned in and worked on digitally. Maybe you like to see how my pieces look like before I start with color… Thanks as always for looking and commenting…

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wow im 15 and id love to draw liikE that.

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that is soo freakin awsome. props to you

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hi im im 14 yrs. old and a pretty good artist well im amazing but that is beyond my curent ability. great job!!

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Thanks so much, glad you like Smile

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I've always been a big fan of the sketches done by pencil. They seem to leave a bit more to the imagination, allowing people to fill in the blanks-so to speak-.

This sketch is very well done, the shading is in very strategic places, easily telling me where the light is shining too, and the detail is absolutley amazing. I haven't bothered to post a comment to anyone before, but I felt compelled to do so now.

Keep up the good work,


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Thank you for your answer, it was really helpful! My art teacher said my watercolour paintings were very good, but also that my acrylics painting wasn't that good. But it was the first time, so maybe i will give it a try. I don't have wathever you need to insert the picture to the computer, but maybe that equipment is be worth buying...

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Thank you!
Well I don’t know why you don’t want to use the computer, cause it is the best and most forgiving way to experiment with color. But If you really only want to use traditional media I would suggest acrylics. Acrylics are very easy to use, you need only water to thin them or to clean the brushes, other than that you can thin them till they work like watercolors or paint completely opaque, you can use countless techniques and errors are easy to fix. If you prefer more to paint wet in wet oils would probably the better choice as the dry veeery slow. Just experiment with different colors and find the ones that fit you the best, experimenting is always much fun.
If you ever want to try digital, try Painter, it simulates traditional media pretty well and you can easily adapt what you learned digital to traditional media. I for me love digital a lot now, as I started digital I missed my traditional media, but the longer I paint digital the more I love it, there are countless techniques to explore, and if a picture goes completely wrong I just have to delete a file with some pixels and don’t have to throw away an expensive canvas with expensive paint on it Smile.

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I really like to pain, but I'm not very good at setting colour to the picture. I have tried watercolour but it only looks so vague. What equipment can I use to make my picture look like your with strong and sharp colours (I don't want to use the computer)

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Hi Patrick – well not all my sketches are that detailed, always depends on my mood – currently I love to work a little more with pencil so my sketches turn out a little more detailed at the moment Smile. Another thing I realized is that the more I work on the sketch the easier it is to do the color piece – and I have a nice looking pencil drawing left Wink

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Very cool to see this step, Uwe. This is how I usually work too, except my pencil step isn't as detailed generally.

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Thanks James, glad you like my pencil as well Smile – maybe sometime I can force myself to do a finished pencil and not only always use it as sketch, but oh well I just love colors too much to work black and white – but I really should give it a run someday…

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Thanks so much for you comment Christy, much appreciated – well as for the finished look of my pencil sketches, I just realized the more I work out a sketch the easier it is to color and finish the piece even if I mostly make some changes while working with color…

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Thanks so much as always Rita!

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Lovely pencil-work, Uwe, this is a great insight into the beginnings of a fantastic piece of art!

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I really admire your technique with pencils. This really looks like a complete and finished image on it's own. Great detail and sense of action, too.

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Oh Uwe - dont worry about sketches - it looks SOOOO GREAT - you dont use to practise - it is already wonderful!

Art at its best.