The secret Garden by j-art

The secret Garden

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Added: Aug 27, 2005
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Hi all! Just for the case you might get bored with all the adult fantasy and horror stuff I recently do, here is one I did long time ago in my time as video cover illustrator.
So here is one of my countless Kid video cover illustrations – The secret Garden (one of the less really GOOD kids movies I did the cover for and sure one having a fantasy theme)
So this is for those need a break from my more adult fantasy stuff and especially for those having kids Wink

Ummm, not exactly Anime but I think there it will fit best, so I upload it in the Anime section.

Have fun and hope you enjoy – and again sorry for not being around to much, but I hardly find time to comment in all the galleries online, but be sure I always have a look at the galleries here, it just such a great place searching for inspiration…

Happy painting

Medium: Gouache/Airbrush on illustrationboard
Copyright: EAT Medien
Medium: Gouache/Airbrush on illustrationboard
Copyright: EAT Medien

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Guest's picture

After cruising through very dark fantasy works coming to this Disney-esque picture is hilarious! Cheers mate!

j-art's picture

Well i have to thank you for looking and all the nice words - Thanks!

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Hello. Really like your name. You do very inspiring work. I enjoyed viewing it ALL just today. I'm an amature artist. I'm not great at it, but better than average I suppose. I REALLY, REALLY enyoyed your total Gallery. It is so very inspiring to me.
Thank you for sharing this. Smile ~ Darlene Koonce

j-art's picture

Hahah, thanks yes I am – glad you like it and I Like that movie as well Smile. I did many really sad movie covers, this one was definitely one of the better movies I did.

Guest's picture

OMG! Your the person who did that cover?! I love that movie (I'm 17 but I love classics) I can't belive it so cool! ^-^

j-art's picture

Thanks for the comment, well about the coloration, tha's what the clients wanted those days, you know this airbrushed stuff. I for me don't like those airbush pices as well, just too less texture and thigs tend to look like plastic. But stuff like this payd my bills those days and if you don't do what the clients want you are not too long in the buiseness Wink.
However i don't do stuf like that anymore, so i thought it would be fun to post here at least one of those pieces i did so many to show people what i did some years ago Wink

me-chan's picture

I know the movie XD. I think I´ve seen the movie two or more times. Your picture is really good but I don´t like the colouration-style.

Bye, Malin Errenst

j-art's picture

Haha – have a look at my private homepage and go to the Kids section in my gallery, I’m sure you will find many rabbits there Wink – even Bugs Bunny and Co are there ;-)…

Guest's picture

I am a bit scared of this one it's just not dark enough I think a zombie might be on the other side of the gate ..............
Otherwise it's good just needs a rabbit.
I love rabbits I have 4 all of them cute. Smile

Guest's picture


j-art's picture

Hi Dani - always great to hear from you. Thaks for the comment Smile

daniela's picture

it's nice to see some things like this in your gallery sometimes! nice!

j-art's picture

Haha – you know I always stated to have no style and here you see the proof – lol –
Great to hear from you my friend!
Btw. your new posts are really awesome, seems you improved a great deal!

j-art's picture

Hi Scott – yes you are right, most of those video cover illus had to look like the plastic Disney cover illus, and as the client always is king – oh well ;-)… Think I only did some with another look, but most had to look like this…

j-art's picture

Hi Simon – thanks so much for stopping by – well as for the flexibility, the time I had to make my living alone from illustration believe me I really had to learn to be flexible. Oh well you know it’s always the same, it’s all about money and pieces like this above paid much, much more than for example a fantasy CCG illustration Wink

j-art's picture

Rita, as always your comments are always a gift to me – Thanks!

j-art's picture

Commercial past – well I think that fits it the best Wink – thanks for sopping by James, always a pleasure to receive a comment from you!

j-art's picture

Haha – thanks Pierre for advertising my homepage – lol –
Well I thought why not put up one of my cartoonpieces to show people that being an illustrator does not automatically mean one always can do great fantasy stuff ;-)…

bcorbett67's picture

Good gawd! I didn't realise this was yours at first Uwe! Nice one buddy, good to see you showing how flexible you are Smile

sdavis123061's picture

Very cool Uwe. It's interesting to see you paint something different in style and content from the great fantasy stuff you do. This is really neat, it's style reminds me of something the Disney studios would do. Well done! Smile

Guest's picture

Very different to your normal style, it shows you have great flexibilty - always a good thing. Nice job.

rita's picture

Uwe, this is so charming! Just wonderful...!!!

somerset's picture

Ha such fun to view something from your commercial past, Uwe, beautifully done, bright and attractive!

carles's picture

Uwe, I must say this very cute piece is somewhat of a surprise in your Epilogue Gallery, but a welcome one too. Smile Well, it is not really a complete surprise either for those who have already browsed your personal site (which I recommend to anyone reading these lines).

Art at its best.