The Old Man And His Trusty Friend by j-art

The Old Man And His Trusty Friend

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Added: Feb 11, 2006
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This time not an axe wielding hero, just an old man telling a story to his best friend. I don’t know what the old man has to say, maybe he tells a story about their past as they were young and strong, fought together and won several wars. Now grown old realizing that fighting and winning wars didn’t make him feel any better, he’s tired of fighting and he thanks god that he’s still together with his best friend, his trusty horse…

Medium: Digital/Painter (Painters Oils and Watercolors)
Copyright: Uwe Jarling

Here is a little how i did it Smile :

just in case you are interested Wink

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Guest's picture

Wonderfull,amazing texture,the colors and the hole thing says a story

j-art's picture

Thank you so much!

Guest's picture

It`s just wonderful... It has a great spirit in it. Great. A+ Wink

j-art's picture

Thanks so much for stopping by J.P., you know your opinion means the whole world to me. Yes I tried several different techniques this year, and here I tried to achieve a traditional look as good as I could, I’m pretty satisfied with the result myself.

vengince's picture

This looks like traditional medium, amazing work, but most impressed with the texture work.

j-art's picture

Thank you very much.

Guest's picture

It remind's me of Chechov's story, "Grief". The old man tells his horse about his dead son.
This is beautiful.

j-art's picture

If you are impressed by one of my pieces that really means the whole world to me. You know how much I love your work and how much I admire you as an artist. Kay you are fantastic!!! Thanks so much for your encouraging words!

Guest's picture

Uwe this face is so incredible real. The horse...the feeling. Wow I am impressed.

j-art's picture

Thanks Mike, much appreciated, I hope we will see more stuff from you, your work is pretty amazing and right my taste, I’m glad I found you here!

mpenn20's picture

Beautiful. Love the textures and the realism of the face. Great job.

j-art's picture

Thank you so much! Seems people really like this piece Smile

goddessart's picture

Wow Uwe, this is my favorite of yours yet! Incredible piece. Just beautiful.

j-art's picture

Hi Frank, first let me tell you that I enjoyed it very much to browse your fabulous gallery, hope there will be much more stuff for me to enjoy soon Wink.
Glad you like my stuff Smile. Well I currently use Painter 9, I truly believe it is the best Painter update since version 6, I didn’t like version 7 & 8 too much, but they did some great improvement in Painter 9, especially concerning the speed of the program, it works now much faster using the same brushes as any previous versions. You know working in high resolutions using some brushes you can have a coffee till the stoke is done, haha. But with Painter 9 they somehow got even those veeery slow brushes to work a little faster.
But the main reason I sue Painter for painting and not Photoshop is, I feel Painter “feels” just a little more like painting with “real” brushes than Photoshop, but it can be only me, just my personal opinion Smile.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

frankgunter's picture

Well sir, thanks for visiting my gallery, I'm amazed at your body of work. This piece is likely my favorite. I ought to try out painter (I have v8 on my mac) just have been so used to working in pS8 all this time. Again, great art!

j-art's picture

hi Dani Smile, your new favourite eh, seems i really should do more pieces this style, people seems to like the piece Smile

daniela's picture

this is wonderful and very sweet. my new favourite of your gallery, really. great.

j-art's picture

Thanks so much my dear friend, what An encouraging comment, I really feel flattered – thanks!

sdavis123061's picture

Simply astounding work Uwe. The lighting in this piece, especially on the man's face is just excellent, skin tones are amazing as well. The best part is that you can truly see the story told in this. In my humble opinion this is one of your best paintings yet Uwe, very well done! Smile

j-art's picture

Glad you like Simon, was another subjoct matter as usual, but i enjoyd it a lot doing this piece. Thnaks for the comment, you know i love to know what you think Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Tom! Your galery is just awesome, just had a look at it again, very impressive!

j-art's picture

Thanks John, if the little tutorial was any helpful i am very happy about Smile. Well, i don't think you will need any advice coming from me, your stuff rocks!!!!

Guest's picture

Excellent emotion conveyed here. I do like the expression on the guy's face - very realistic and well painted, as always. Another fine job, Uwe.

portalrun's picture

Great job with this Uwe..beatiful work!!...

jeshannon's picture

Wow really beautiful work as always , always gets me how painterly your work is, thanks alot for the Tut it bookmarked and will definately make use of it, cheers.

j-art's picture

Hi Derek, thanks for all the feedback, really much appreciated! Oh and a good idea to comment here as well as I usually don’t comment on GFX (I don’t like the site too much, but –psssss Wink - ). Btw. I just loved you dragon piece you uploaded lately, not sure if I commented but be sure I saw it and it is fantastic!!! About those watercolors, I like them a lot, they give some really cool textures by accident, the sad thing is they need a really powerful computer otherwise they are pretty slow on slower machines Sad. As you saw in the little tutorial I used the watercolors for creating this heavy textured background, and than painted the man and the horse and stuff over the background with Painters oils. The result was that the background just doesn’t work well together with the painting. But as I liked the background textures so much and didn’t want to loose it I had to try something to bring background and painting together. So I plaid around a little with layers and just multiplied the background layer (without the painting on it) with the whole piece and voila the result was what you see above. Not only it gave some cool structure to the face and horse, it also changes the color and added a overall slight yellow to

graysun's picture

Hey Uwe, I saw this on Gfx and wanted to comment here and say thanks for the "How to". I'd never messed around with Painters watercolors for some reason, but I'm glad you pointed em out to me. Anyways, great work. Can't wait to see more.

j-art's picture

Awe Rita, now I really feel flattered Smile – A Rita’s pick, now that’s really great Smile (which one is the other one???). Btw. my camera is sharp, and ready to do some pictures of me today evening Wink. Well, about the print, I could sent you an A4 Epson print, they usually turn out pretty nice, but to be honest for this one I would recommend a giclee print on hand made paper or on canvas (I for me prefer the hand made paper, but the canvas prints look fabulous as well). The sad thing is those giclee prints are damn expensive Sad, but I could sent you an Epson print as a gift that would be no problem, just let me know.

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Heiko, yes I wanted to do something more emotional and different than the things I usually do, it was much fun and a great experience. Best is, people really seems to like this piece, what makes me feel good Smile. Thanks for commenting my friend!

j-art's picture

Smile – Hi there Liptak, thanks so much for taking your time and commenting this piece.
(Let’s hope things work out well for us, you know what I mean)

Art at its best.