Hidden Fairy by j-art

Hidden Fairy

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 18, 2006
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Whenever you go for a walk into the forest, be sure you keep your eyes open, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see one of those fairies hidden under those old roots roots. All you have to do is to keep your eyes open and believe in fairies Smile. Good luck Wink

Another piece using a reference photo taken by my colleague Konstantin Fischer with his friendly permission, not sure if I really like it to go so close to the reference photo as it somehow limits my imagination. Anyhow I like it enough to post it and it was a good working exercise. Hope you enjoy Smile

Medium: Digital/ Painter and Photoshop
Copyright: Uwe Jarling

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Well I still don’t like the piece too much as it is soooo close to the photo reference, and usually I don’t like to use too much photo reference. Anyway I’m glad you like it Smile - thanks!

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Uwe I really love this painting. The girls face is so well done and the textures are outstanding. This work captures you.

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Chris, you ARE as good as any one else here, there is no good or bad in art. Everyone spending so much time doing art and trying to get better deserves all respect on earth. Just keep on creating art no matter if you do it as a hobby or professional, if art is what you want to do and what you are – DO IT!
Yes I agree I met so many nice people on the net (much more than in “real life”, well the internet somehow has become my “real” life meanwhile, hehe), I think people are just more honest on the internet, or better said they dare to speak more about their feelings as if they would do in real life speaking to another person eye to eye.
I for me am really happy that I did the step to post my work online and to talk to other people/artists online, it really changed my life somehow in a pretty short amount of time.

Thanks for stopping by my friend, I hope to see something new from you soon….

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Strange that so many People seems to like the piece, as I still don’t like it to much, not because of the subject matter (I love fairy stuff) more cause of the photo reference I used and limited me so damn close to this reference piece. It was just not really satifieing for me as I had it finished, maybe that’s why I don’t like it.
The more I’m glad you like it – thank you so much for your support!!!!

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You know, I'm realizing that even though I'm not as good an artist as all you guys are, I'm right around the same age as you, and I share your love for art. So, I guess I can at least buddy around with you dudes and have some fun commenting. Having said that, I just want to add that I think you're a really great guy Uwe, and I consider you to be one of my best "web friends". I sometimes wish that real life could be as friendly of a community as Epilogue is. Eeech, I sound corny don't I? Anyway, I agree with Mr. Targete, I love that tree texture (so much detail), and the babe is hot! I wonder what will be next from you Uwe?

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Great piece Uwe we are seeing another side of you with this piece, I really like this one. The girls face is well done as is the texture on the tree bark. The right combo of textures in a painting can really give a great feeling of believability to it and this wone does that for me, awesome.

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Wow - thanks so much Steven, what an encouraging comment!!!

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...man, i don't know where you find the time to produce so many... SO MANY!!!! excellent pieces of artwork!!! glad you do though, love em all.

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Haha, hi Patrick, well it’s strange how other people see your own work, sometimes when I think I did a really cool piece, the audience just don’t like it that much, sometimes you think by yourself you created some really crap, people like it, lol. So art is really a kind of taste, you’ll never know which work people like or not Smile.
However glad you like the piece, even if I don’t like it that much Smile.
Thanks so much for commenting my friend, it always means a lot knowing what you think about my work, you know how much I admire our art!

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Hey, Uwe! I know you aren't too thrilled by this one, but you really composed and rendered a great piece here, and did a LOT with your reference. I love it too, so you are out-voted. It's great!

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Hi Bill, thanks so much, well I don’t think it is much like Danny’s work as he usually uses much more intense colors, btw. I meet him last year on Interaction in Glasgow and spend some very nice evenings with him. He’s a extremely nice person, and well, an awesome artist.

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Very nice Uwe, it reminds me of Danny Flynns artwork (but rendered a lot better in my opinion). You have a Bill's pick at any rate Wink

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Shock Do you think??? As said personally I really don’t like the piece too much, but cool to hear it worked for you – stunning!

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Thanks Bea Smile

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You kicked butt on this one, Uwe, you really did. You are getting better by the piece! Keep on!!

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Haha Matt, you know as well as I do what an outstanding artist you are. And again thanks so much for the tutorials you sent me, was so amazing to see how you create your wonders, think I will find some time this week so I sent you some screenshots of my working process as well Wink. Thanks for all my friend, you are truly not only a stand out artist you are a such a wonderful person, I’m glad to know you!

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Oh, Marley, no the editors are not blind, they would be, if this piece would have received a pick. Anyway glad you like it more than I obviously do Wink. Always great to read your comments my friend Smile.

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Smile – Thanks Daniela, glad you think so!

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Thanks Nathan Smile

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Haha, yes the wings are cool tools here cause when you don’t fly around they are pretty useful for swimming as well Wink. Glad you like it, thanks for the comment, really much appreciated!

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Thanks so much Jan Patrik, as said I don’t like the piece too much, so I’m even gladder you like it somehow Smile

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Hi Simon, well this one definitely never will make it anywhere to number one Smile. I don’t like the piece too much it looks pretty much the same than the photo reference I used for it. But I still work on a little project with my colleague who is a professional photographer, he does Photos from several models and I try to do a fantasy piece from them. To be hones I don’t know I really want to finish this project as it is pretty boring to paint completely after photo reference, no imagination involved, no construction of the character, just painting what there already exists as a photo. Makes not too much sense to paint something that already exists a photo, don’t you think? Well I added the wings – wow Smile). However it was a nice practice and last on my harddrive too long so I finished it. As for the textures, well that’s really the only part of the piece I like myself.
Thanks for stopping by my friend!

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Thanks as always Rita. ( How's my piece doing Wink???)

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Hey thanks for the compliments Charles. Thanks so much for your support!

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Hi James, thanks so much for commenting, always a pleasure to have you in my gallery Smile

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Wow Uwe, this is just superb, she's so beautiful and the quality of your painting these days is amazing, your technique and eye for detail is amongst the best I've ever seen, really, you are just going from strength, to strength. Laugh! I often wonder just how much better it is possible to get and how much more you will improve in the future. I don't really ever try to compete with other artists and it's a good job to, you would leave me for dust!!!

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I think the editors are blind, this should have been a pick. Outstanding effort Uwe. The lighting brings much happyness to this piece. And those textures are extraordinary. Great mix of everything Laughing out loud.

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*claps hands enthusiastically* she is SO beautiful! great job!

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very nice work

Art at its best.