War Machine by j-art

War Machine

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 16, 2006
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Artwork Description

This piece started as a cover for a Chinese graphic novel, but somehow I lost the contact to the client, however as I already had the sketches and color layout and all the work involved, I decided to tweak it to my own needs and finish it. It was a good working exercise and much fun to do, hope you like it.

Medium: Digital/Painter
Copyright: Uwe Jarling

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Guest's picture

i love ur work, it tells stories that i want to hear Smile

j-art's picture

well, every opinion counts Smile

Guest's picture

stupid digital CRAP!!!

j-art's picture

Aw, thanks so much fo the nice comment.

micross's picture

Went through your stuff for the first time. You are very talented, and it really takes my breath away that your art is so detailed and realistic. So I am in awe, Uwe. Wish I was th

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Heiko, glad you like it Smile

heikowagner's picture

Yes Yes Yes I like this colors and i love fire and flames... Wink,Great stuff as always Uwe

j-art's picture

Hi Patrick, damn I hate those cut-off messages, especially when I get such great crits/help coming from you. But I know what you mean with the stiff pose; well the pose is more than only stiff it just doesn’t work. In my initial sketch, which I showed the client, the poses really have been looking good, they had a good flow and the characters were logical connected to each other.
But than the changes from the client came Sad, the main character who first was standing more with the back to us, had to change in a pose where we can see his face, the upper girl had to look directly to the viewer, and, and, and. Finally it ended up as what you see here. The entire dynamic has been gone. Not always the best thing when clients try to change too much in a piece, but oh well….
Anyway that’s what the client wanted and accepted, than the client somehow was gone with the wind and I still had this piece laying on my hard drive for about two years, so I decided to finish the piece as kind of work exercise as I already almost worked it out in color.

megaflow's picture

Darn - the Epi message cut-off bug strikes again! Smile

megaflow's picture

Great control of detail and lighting as always, Uwe. And the textures rock too! My only minor crit would be that the main character on the right is a bit stiff - the woman and the creature ha

j-art's picture

Wow! Thanks so much James!

j-art's picture

Thanks Daniela Smile

somerset's picture

Brilliant artwork, Uwe, the fire effects are stunning, your dramatic lighting seems to breath life into everything you paint!...and of course your amazing attention to detail!

daniela's picture

great composition; I also like very much the way you paint metal things like the armour, etc.
and the lights! the intensity of the fire vs. the softness of the moonlight... very well done.

j-art's picture

Malcolm you know such encouraging words from such an experienced artist like you are, means the whole world to me, thanks so much my friend!

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Walt, you know your opinion means a lot to me.

fantasist's picture

Another brilliant picture, Uwe! I particularly like the contrast in lighting between the fire and the moonlight, and the composition and movement of the piece.

baylessiii's picture

Hey, Uwe! Another really cool piece! Terrific attention to detail, lighting, movement, the works! You should be proud of this one.

j-art's picture

Rita without your comments under my pieces i REALLY would miss something. Thank you so much for your steady support, it really means a lot to me - thanks!

rita's picture

Like always: just fantastic!

Art at its best.