Summon The Seeserpent by j-art

Summon The Seeserpent

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 05, 2008
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Somewhere in an unreal land far away there’s a mysterious place where you’ll be able to summon the mighty seeserpent. Now it’s up to you to find the place, haha. Well it’s a free piece I did during some jobs I still need to finish but I needed a change.
As it seems to become more and more important to the audience to talk about the process of creating a piece than to just enjoy the result, here we go. This is another one I didn’t paint from scratch, instead of sketching I used some 3d apps. So its more a matte painting than a painting and it’s not really a 2d painting. I used Zbrush to create the basic form of the strange rock formations, took it into Vue and where I build and rendered the complete landscape, after that I took it into Photoshop and changed the color the way I wanted it, than took the whole thing into Painter and painted over the whole piece to give it kind of a “painted” look and applied the figures and switched from Painter to Photoshop and forth and back top paint in more and more detail till it looked finished to me Smile.
Hope you like anyway, thanks for looking Smile

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Guest's picture

awsome, and is it just me or does that cliff looks like a dragon?

j-art's picture

Smile Thanks. Hi Jan, nice to hear from you, long time not heardfrom each other.

patrik's picture

hmmm...super, Uwe

Guest's picture

this picture is awsome i love the background the horizon is amazinf it looks so very real the trees the sunsets light reflecting on the water amazing texture keep up good work
frm- JENNY

j-art's picture

Glad you like Nathan, was much fun to do, hope to find some more time in future to do some more complex free work.

Guest's picture

Love this, such a different approach. Dragon of land, dragon by sea!

j-art's picture

Thanks a lot my friend Smile

sdavis123061's picture

Beautiful work Uwe. Amazing color. Love it! Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Malcolm!

fantasist's picture

This is a brilliant piece, Uwe, and I was interested by the account of how you created it. I love the rock formation, the light and the colour -everything about it, in fact. You really have a huge talent!

j-art's picture

Thats a really wonderful compliment, thank you so much!

shany's picture

Well, the computer and different software may make some things easier. But NOTHING can replace the ideas and imagination of the artist. Therefore I pay biggest respect to your work - this piece is really a great one!

j-art's picture

Well I'm not right up there to recieve an editors pick, i probably just should spend more time on my work to come up with something really good. But i had and still have to do so many comissioned work that i hardly find time to do some cool private fantasy stuff, well you know we all need the money Wink.
Thanks so much Bill for your nice words about this piece here and over at CG-Talk, you know your opinion means a lot to me.

j-art's picture

Strange that people seem to like my quickly done pieces always more than the ones I spend a lot of time, lol. This one only took two evenings Smile.
And yes, I love to play with different software, well I bought all the stuff so I think I should use it from time to time, lol Smile.
Thanks so much for commenting my friend!

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Rita!

bcorbett67's picture

Outstanding Uwe, I was hoping to see an Editor's pick this time, it certainly deserves the extra recognition in my opinion Smile

thrax-1's picture

thats an awesome blend of technology, UWE..One of my favourites ever from you.

Its just gorgeous.. sent to the INSPIRATION FOLDER..

rita's picture

Awesome work, Uwe

Art at its best.