Future Cityscape 1 by j-art

Future Cityscape 1

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 12, 2008
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Artwork Description

A relatively quick concept for a futuristic city using Vue (3d application) and Photoshop. Vue is a fabulous software which helps me a lot getting my ideas into a visible picture.

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fantasist's picture

How you can call something as detailed and complex as this a 'quick concept' I don't know, Uwe. It is very impressive indeed, and looks like days of hard work.

Guest's picture

Uwe, this is wonderful! Great to see you producing concept art!

rita's picture

Great work, Uwe - as usual Smile

j-art's picture

Matt as you are doing a lot of environment scenes you probable should try your hand on Vue too, its a really easy to use 3d application and you get stunning results in no time.

j-art's picture

Hi Kirsi, well it's nothing special just a quick 3d doodle between the lots of work i have to do, whish i had more time to do free stuff.

j-art's picture

Glad you like Pierre and thanks a lot for commenting, always great to hear from you my friend!

mattbradbury's picture

That is fantastic Uwa, I've not been leaving many comments lately as I have been very busy but just had to say hi and congratulate you on this concept. I'm completely out of my depth when it comes to 3D programmes so how you can do this in just a couple of hours staggers me! Very cool!

kizalon's picture

hey Uwe! New horizons I see, amazing scenery! I totally agree with Pierre about that Blade Runner-feel. Wonderful tones and a lot to look at with that angle.

carles's picture

I guess you have been using your 3D designer's experience, haven't you ? Wink Very nice concept. I love the "Blade Runner" feel.

j-art's picture

Glad you like Terry, well i hate drawing the perspective but 3d makes it easy going Wink.

j-art's picture

Hi Patrick, long not heard from each other. It's good to see still some known faces around Smile. Well this piece ir really just a quick concept, the whole procedure took not longer than 2 to 3 houres, thanks 3d Wink.

megaflow's picture

Uwe - always great to see you stretch in new directions. You've really used the 3D program effectively here.

frodo's picture

great piece Uwe! I love the play on the perspective..

Art at its best.