Sasquatch Series: Watching You II - 2005 by sdavis123061

Sasquatch Series: Watching You II - 2005

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Added: Mar 03, 2005
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This is an older piece already up here in my Epi gallery that I reworked for the website. I wanted to redo the face and make it more realistic. I changed the eye color and repainted the face adding a lot more skin detail. PhotoShop/Wacom/repaint time 3+hours

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prismstudios's picture

LOVE THOSE SASQUATCHES!!! They look like eyewitness testamonial art! cool...L.

Guest's picture

But he kind of looks like a gorilla

sdavis123061's picture

Thanks, I appreciate those comments very much. It's nice to know that people like yourself who are from the NW coast, where so many sightings take place, can make a connection with my Bigfoot paintings. As far as permission to use the images goes, if your just downloading them to enjoy for yourself on your computer that's fine, no commercial, for profit, use is permitted though. The Small Hours, one of my favorite Metallica songs, very cool! Thanks for commenting. Smile

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Hi Scott, I am a NW Coast Native, and the Sasquatch has always had a special essence, and spirituality to me. I see that mysterious, special essence in your art. It's a very difficult feeling to describe but I get that feeling when looking at your art.

I do want to ask your permission to use these images. I had always had this moment pictured in my head, of the forests of Washington, Sasquatches, and one song seemed to fit that image in my mind. Metallica, The Small Hours. When I was a teenager, I would put my stereo speaker in my bedroom window

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Hey Uwe, nice to hear from you! Thanks very much for the compliments. Yeah, I was looking at the old version of this and figured I could do the face better now so I decided to update him. I'm pleased in that I do think it is better rendered than the original. Thanks, as always, for your comments Uwe! Smile

j-art's picture

WOW – Scott – now this is a marvelous painting of your Sasquatch – my new favorite!!! This really is as if the Creature is right there looking in my eyes. It looks so real. Great, great work my friend!!!

sdavis123061's picture

Always a pleasure to hear your input. Yes, it is supposed to be a night scene but I adjusted it lighter because sometimes the images appear darker when Epi posts them and I was afraid it might be so dark that the detail would be lost. I reworked all the textures on the face as I'm sure you can see if you compare it to the original (still up in my gallery). Thanks for your comments James, much appreciated. Smile

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Ha, Scott, your work is always a pleasure to view! the textures in this one are brilliant, the creatures hair is so real, great colour tones gives this one a kinda nightime feel!

Art at its best.