Ready For Valhalla by sdavis123061

Ready For Valhalla

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 19, 2005
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"It is a GOOD time to DIE!!!" I was watching a TV show about Vikings the other night and it got me inspired to paint this Berserker. I've wanted to do another Norseman painting for some time now as my skills have improved since I did the first one last year. Although the theme of the two paintings is similar, this one is a different in that I used a photo of myself for the face reference. I don't have all that hair, beard, scars, broken teeth & blood though, lol. I also really wanted to concentrate on better conveying the emotion of the subject this time around. Once again I've tried to straddle the line in terms of style between realism and painterly. This one took longer than most of my other paintings what with all the detail I had to put in the hair & beard, but I think it came out pretty good. Photo Shop/Wacom/37+ hours.

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Lol! Looks like a very good frient of mine after a beer or two, and he's a Sweed, i must show him this art.

A wery good piece btw.

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You nailed it.

This is the embodiment of the Fury of the North... well done !!


sdavis123061's picture

Thank you very much. Nice to know you appreciate it. Thanks for commenting. Smile

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really really great work fantastic

sdavis123061's picture

Thanks! In a manner of speaking, he kind of did. Smile I used a photo of myself for the reference on this one, then added all the hair, beard, blood, etc. I was just watching a documentary in which they said the Vikings never actually had these helmets with horns sticking out of them, so if I were to re-do this one someday I'd remove them to make it more accurate. Thanks for commenting Smile

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Stunnginly. At first I thought that it was a viking that had found a digital camera somehow ^^

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Thank you Lorenzo, much appreciated. I haven't had a comment on this piece in a long time so it's nice to know that you like it. Smile

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Very stunning!!! Congratulations.

sdavis123061's picture

Thank you Stephen, I appreciate that. I admire your very impressive gallery as well. Thanks for commenting.

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love the piece, Scott,
cool rendering.

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Hi Christine, I have several custom Photo Shop brushes that I use to do hair/fur. They are perfect for this type of hair as they allow me to render it in small clumps as opposed to painting each individual strand, although I also did a lot of that as well on this piece. Thanks for commenting. Smile

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How on EARTH did you do all that hair???? I'm dying to know...*hint hint!*

sdavis123061's picture

Much thanks Thomas!

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he´s really mad! Great detail level! the youtcome is definitely worth the time you put into this!

sdavis123061's picture

Thanks Darryl, much appreciated. Yeah, I definitely got into detailing this one and the emotion was really what I wanted everyone to get out of it when viewing the painting. I'm pleased to know that it worked and that you like it. Thanks for commenting Darryl. Smile

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Love the detailing on this piece. The emotion and sheer viking spirit definitely comes across in this piece for sure! Great piece!

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Thanks Kristina, I really appreciate that, especially coming from a painter as talented as yourself. I've admired your gallery for some time now. I captured the facial expression by using a digi-photo of myself as a reference, although fortunately I don't have all that hair, beard, blood and the broken teeth! LOL, Thanks for commenting Kristina. Smile

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Fantastic expression! I don't want to meet him, really. It's so realistic, and very well painted. Congratulations on a fabulous work Smile

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Well, one can always hope so. Smile Thanks for commenting Rita.

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Hmmm, hope there is a lovely walkyrie to guide him...

sdavis123061's picture

Thanks very much James glad you like it so much. I wish I could get the faces in all of my paintings to turn out like this one, but since I used a hi-res photo of myself to work from I had a really good reference and that helped greatly. Thanks for commenting James. Smile

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Pretty good??? I would suggest it turned out pretty brilliantly, Scott! a fantastic in your face painting and so real! WOW!

sdavis123061's picture

Much thanks Matt, yeah, that's me under there, for better or worse, I'm not sure which, lol. Not to worry, my dark side doesn't surface very often. Glad you like this one, thanks for commenting Matt. Smile

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Fantastic Scott, The extra time you spent paid off!! So thats your face under all that hair. Hmmmm, looks like you have a dark side my friend! LOL

sdavis123061's picture

Thanks very much! Yeah, I'm happy with how this one looks compared to the one I did last year. I'll be curious to see if as many people comment on this one since the subject matter is not one of my usual "Vampire babes", lol. I feel this is one of the better paintings in my gallery though, so I hope everyone likes it. Thanks for commenting Tom. Smile

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a VERY convincing beserker!! Great!! job with yhe details and expression, your progress is obvious..

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Thanks very much for the compliments Stella. It's nice to know all that time I put into the hair and beard was worth it. As for his helmet. I honestly wasn't trying to be historically correct, it just so happened that the helmet in the shot I used for reference had the horns in it, so I just did mine that way too, I never really gave it much thought. Personally, I've always liked the helmets with the horns though, I've always thought they added a menacing look to the warrior. Thank you for commenting Stella. Smile

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Thank you, I'm glad you like this one so much. Thanks for commenting.

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This is my fave work of yours so far. Over the top dude.

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I like this a lot, good work on the hair and beard! You can really feel him going all berserk. And nice touch to include the famous Tirfing! Dunno about the horns on the helmet though, but it doesn't have to be all historically correct. =) Great job!

Art at its best.