Sasquatch Series: Window Watcher by sdavis123061

Sasquatch Series:  Window Watcher

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 22, 2006
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One of 12 pieces that will be included in the upcoming 2007 Calander that will feature 12 of my Bigfoot paintings. This depicts a commonly reported scene in which witnesses report Sasquatches peering into their windows at night. Photo Shop CS/Wacom.

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WOW, Just wanted to say I love all your work,
Easternbigfoot2 {mike}

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This would make for a good advertisement/commercial for any maker of curtains and/or other window coverings e.g. "ACME Windows & Curtains...because you never know who or what may be looking in on you!" I certainly wouldn't want to find that peering in on me whilst I stumble out of bed late of night to use the john...then again I'd probably wouldn't need to head for the head after awaking to that...I'd already wet the bed by then:-{ Cheers Scott...PTD of WA

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Thanks Tom! Glad you like it. Always nice to hear from you. Smile

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Wow Scott, very striking work..I like how the moonlight works with the fur, great details...looking good pal..

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Thank You James! Smile I have definitely been trying to concentrate more on the skin textures and details when I do these close-up pieces now. No, they haven't personally invited me to "party" with them yet, lolol, but I did have some fairly recent instances in which I'm pretty confident one was not too far away. It was an amazing experience to say the least. I have a close friendship as well as a working relationship with Bigfoot Researcher Autumn Williams, who has given me a lot of insight into determining my over-all depictions of these beings. Thanks as always for your comments James, much appreciated. Smile

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Beautifully dramatic image, Scott, as always your textures and skin effects are a true WOW! It is pretty hard to think of these big amazing creatures without your work coming so easily to mind.......are you sure you don't party with these guys in secret?....Outstanding!!! Smile

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Hi Chris. Most reports of window watching activity seem to indicate curiosity more than anything else. As for the latest info, there are many websites you can check out, and forums that cover up to date evidence. There is debate about whether Sasquatch would be a species of Gigantopithicus Blacki or not. Researchers are still coming down on both sides of that argument with no clear decision yet. Thanks for the compliment and comments Chris. Smile

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I realize that the sasquatch are probably gentle creatures just trying to survive, but I wonder why they pull stunts like this. Are they just curious? Or are they sending people a message that perhaps they are too close to their territory etc.? Also, what's the latest info on Bigfoot right now? It seems that we are very close to finally revealing this species of Gigantopithicus to the world. Great image by the way. KUTGW

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Hey Uwe! I'm doing well... busy but well, lolol. It's always nice to hear from you, thanks for the compliment and for commenting! Smile

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Thanks Matt, nice to her from you. I've been busy lately, I have submitted other pieces but this is the first one that was approved this year, lolol. Yes, that was the sole purpose of doing this one: to get really into those skin textures and hair detail. This will be in the upcoming 2007 Calander (along with my other Bigfoot pieces) and I just recently did the DVD cover for the soon to be released documentary produced by as well. Glad you like this Matt, thanks for commenting. Smile

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Wow Scott, this is so amazing, just look at all those textures - wonderfull!!! Hope you are well my friend...

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Scott, how are you my friend? It's great to see something new from you! The skin texture and hair are amazing, as they are in all of the Sasquatch series but I also really like the way you've done the moon and tree-lined in the background, with just the moon defining the shape of both. Really nice!

Art at its best.