Unicorn Pool by cherber

Unicorn Pool

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 26, 2004
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Drawn using Prismacolor pencils on 80lb sketching paper.

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senna's picture

I really like this pic! ^^
your pencil work is very soft and pretty.

vera-lucia's picture

You do beautiful work!

kolaboy's picture

Very beautiful work indeed =)

namari's picture

You're very good! The picture is very peaceful and serene. The anatomy of the horse is perfect. Thanks fo the help on my pic btw. Smile

quadrante's picture

Nice, like it.

clarion's picture

Hi, I wanted to check out your gallery since I hadn't seen any of your work before, and this is very lovely. It's got such a peaceful atmosphere! I also wanted to say thanks for the comment on my guestbook. Laughing out loud

cavale's picture

Very pretty.... This piece is very soft and relaxing to the eye.
Good work you did on the unicorn. Smile

cherber's picture

Thank you very much! I will definitely keep my eyes open for more drawings of you!

Guest's picture

Nice picture! And thanks for your message in my guestbook! Claudia Moreno-Toscane, from France.

cherber's picture

Thanks! Smile

hessel's picture

well, that's a very nice pic! Smile

saiklor's picture

I'd love to see a tiny faerie looking up at the unicorn from the lily pads! the unicorn is so gorgeous already....and I agree with all else about the spectacular grasses!

cherber's picture

Thankyou! I like this look for coloured pencil better than the burnished heavy duty look, although that's nice, too.

cherber's picture

Thanks very much! I enjoyed doing it, too!

snow-wolf's picture

I love how you apply the color to the paper, letting some of it's natural color through. It reminds me of many of the impressionistic work that I have had to study. It's incredibley lovely!

somerset's picture

I must have been on another planet when this one was posted, Cheryl! Your pencils have such a lovely gentle touch, great rendering and beautiful details especially the lake features, such soft colour work, marvellous!

cherber's picture

Thanks, Kay! I am flattered hearing this coming from someone of your calibre. Yep, naked he is! Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

This is lovely colored pencil work. Very soft and dreamlike. Wonderful rendered Naked unicorn too. Smile

cherber's picture

Thank you very much for your kind words. I was trying to go for a more "transparent layering" look.I find when I attempt burnishing, it comes out muddy looking. :/ Thanks again!

cherber's picture

Well, it does look brighter on paper, I was trying to get it to look almost the same, but I still don't have the trick of photographing digitally yet.

abigailryder's picture

This is a very nice and peaceful image. I agree with another commenter that the grass at the edge of the water looks lovely & realistic... and the way you shadowed the pure whiteness with an array of colors shows an artistically mature approach to color use. I find it very difficult, meself! I'm glad other people are commenting that it's difficult to get traditional media accepted here... hmm thought it was just me! Have you tried "burnishing" your prismacolors with white or neutral prismacolors? You might like it, although it tends to hide the directional lines of the pencils, which are a favorite of mine and which you use very well. Congrats-- and I hope to see more from you soon!

weeman's picture

... but very, very nice! I particularly like your hard outlines, your soft outlines, and the tricky perspective. Obviously, you've got a lot of confidence in the medium. More, please!

cherber's picture

I have a set of prismacolor water colour pencils and I think I might have some derwents too somewhere. I tried adding water to them and they looked all blotchy. :/
I might give them another try.

mmaiden's picture

have you tried the derwent water pencil crayons yet I think you would be real good at them and it would open up a new look to your drawings

cherber's picture

Thanks! I am flattered because I just looked at your gallery, and your unicorns are exquisite! This just sort of came out at the top of my head, so I was pleased with the composition and perspective myself.

cherber's picture

Thanks! I like your gallery too! I have been trying to submit more work, but you know... rejections, rejections... Wink

blueunicorn's picture

How did I miss this one? You did an excellent job with the unusual perspective on this one, Cheryl! It's so soft looking too. Beautiful unicorn!

romanweb's picture

Wow! Your technique is so soft and calculated....makes me wish I was taking a drink from the same pool.
Love to see more!

cherber's picture

Thank you very much!

cherber's picture

I'm workin' on it! Laughing out loud

Art at its best.