Aasimar by sporeboy


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Added: Nov 02, 2003
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The other side of the coin. I felt the Aasimars should be just a little scary despite their moral character. I tried to suggest a bird of prey with this one--an eagle maybe? Hand-drawn, painted using Photoshop.

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I'm very interested in the possibility of purchasing a print of Aasimar. Is that possible?

Peri Craig
PeriLCraig at gmail-dot-com

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Hello, I am really amaze, this image is very good and when i think about a aasimar i think about your picture. I congratulate you, continue to make beautifull picture like that

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Oh my god, she is gorgeous! The best portrait of aasimar found on Net IMHO

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Magical eyes!!! Lovely expression!

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Thanks, Bjørn! I often wonder if I'm near the mark. Another artist's feedback is always appreciated.

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Gaah, man! I play an Aasimar my self! And I must say that you have captured the feel I'm looking for! Thx for inspiration to do my own versin of my rpg char! Stunnig!

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Thanks! Everything posted to date is some variant of an RPG character portrait. With the minimal backgrounds and tight crops, 'character' is all that's left for me to render. So I try to give each of them their own sense of history.

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She is my absolute favorite of all your art! She resembles my rpg character so closely it isn't even...well it's freaky. She is beautiful and yet she holds that since of arrogance, wisdom and long years of trauma within every detail of her face. beautiful.

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What a wonderful technique. The lines are great

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That is an amazing technique...I would love to know how you are doing it. I sketch all my work out in pencil before I color it on the computer as well...but the under drawing is always completely destroyed when I am finished. I gotta find out what you are doing exactly...it's now top on my to-do list LoL.

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Thanks! And as I understand it, an Aasimar is the offspring of celestial and mortal parents or the decendent of such a union.

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The linework you see is the original pencil under the digital 'paint.' Some of the paper texture shows as well. I tried to preserve the pencil and paper so the the final would have a warm, natural media look.

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I like the computer sketchy look, it allows you to create a cool image without taking it to an insane extreme level of ultra-realistic detail, but it still has a finished enough look to be very satisfying. Smile

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Just like an Aasimar should look like!
The face is very beautiful and somewhat strange, seems thoughtful and calm - this one I like best of your works so far.

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Those ayes are incredible...super..
what a beautiful face too...
more please!!!

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Stunning piece! I love the background colours and the lighting. And that face is gorgeous. Bravo!

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This is just gorgeous! I love the delicacy of the lines that build into a rich overall effect. The colors are beautiful too. And the face has a definite personality. I don't know what an Aasimar is, but I'm sure I would be properly respectful if I ever encountered this one! Thanks so much for sharing this image.

Art at its best.