Aasimar Male by sporeboy

Aasimar Male

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 05, 2003
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Another character portrait in the Planescape series: a metallic-tinged Aasimar. This is was the first produced in that run. I spent less time on the drawing and more time in Photoshop compared with those that followed.

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There's nothing distracting in any 'lines', so far as I can see... but then, as the subject states, you can tell I'm no artist.

I adore your portraits. It took me a very long time to get a mental idea of what an aasimar would look like, and ultimately, your representation has helped me! Keep up the great work.


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I tried making the portraits look like something deeper than their respective archetypes. Maybe this was easier for me since I never heard these creatures before the series.

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I like the line work actually,its great you aimed to keep them in.gives a unique quality to a market full of smooth D&D esque portraits.Brilliant Smile

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Michael, thanks for the suggestion. The pencil lines *are* distracting for some. The Planescape series was intended for small, in-game portraits for players and NPCs. At 256 x 400 the lines are 'rezzed-out.' Me, I kinda like them and I take steps to keep them through the final.

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LOL... I thought Jude Law...

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great picture and anatomy .
this is just my opinion.
it would look better to me if you blended the face and got rid it the lines...

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Wow, that's really beautiful. I love the warmth and lighting of the picture and the drawing itself has so much character. I especially admire the lips, I've been working on that particular area of the face for a while and haven't got the look I want yet...his are just perfect. Good job.

Art at its best.