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Added: Dec 11, 2003
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The base drawing for this was done some 15 years ago--lost until recently we moved some boxes to storage. My original intent was to paint this in oils; however, the oils have long since hardened to tube-shaped rocks. So here it is in digital media. I tried to keep from employing too many Photoshop tricks, and just build the color the way I would using brush and canvas.

As I'm posting this, I've noticed quite a few problems. Oh well, makes it look a tad more natural. Maybe I'll fix them in the next 15 years.

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i have a daughter with red hair named Danae.

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the best from danae

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A beautiful interpretation of Danae

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and whats weird is that its names after me. Is this somone you know? well anyway its great!

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This is the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen of Danaé! It is good to see Danaé portrayed as someone attractive, and not those old time drawings...

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Her facial expression is simply wonderful. I think she misses her lover. Her skin is really beautifully done. Great work.

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Nice to see you and your beautiful artworks here Smile
Your pics always have some "feeling" in it, I love your way of work.

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Absolutely gorgeous work.

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I painted right onto the pencil rendering of this one, but tried to keep the sketchy-ness. And thank you for the suggestion on the wrist. Another artist's eye is always appreciated.

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Okay, this is just gorgeous. I really like the "brush" strokes you've kept in rather than smoothing out the texture of her skin, gives it that painterly feel. As for her hand, fingers fine--it's the area where her hand/wrist join that might need tidying up--looks a little vague in there. Could go a touch deeper with the shadows to firm up the anatomy underneath. That aside, I'm marking this as an Epilogue favorite. Smile

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Really lovely! The glow, and the beautifully composed expression are wonderful.

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Gorgeous image. I really like the fact that it looks like natural media fro her skin.

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Thank you! The dust is meant to be Zeus visiting the imprisoned Danae as a shower of gold.

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I love her face and the borders a lot. I think the hand really needs to be strengthened, though...maybe sooner than 25 years? ;D

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this is just tóo beautiful. her calm elegant look, the whole atmosphere and colorscheme of red against green..*sigh*
her hand looks uhm ..fine to me. and man do i love that feary-dust!!

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Thanks for the feedback on this!

One might think all I do is D&D. But it's all I have right now. Dirty secret: I played BG and BG II-- but in 20+ years, that's the extent of my D&D involvement.

Hopefully, people will see past the genre...

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Nice to see something of yours that isn't targetted at D&D. Smile I particularly like the colors... reminds me of low sunlight during a rainstorm. The other thing I like is the almost sleepy look about her eyes, very tranquil. The hand looks a little awkward to me, but eh... that's a little thing. --marie rose'

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Love the natural feel to it. Love it.

Art at its best.