Female dwarf by 1084

Female dwarf

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Added: Nov 28, 2003
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Who said that dvarfen females are ugly?

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dwarf women do not have beards unless they are LOTR or Forgotten Realms...

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Nice sexy pic of a dwarf female, but where is her beard.
*grumbles dwarvenly* You talls are all alike.
Pelanorr the Mountain

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it's nice to know that my work can be inspiring

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Ah... You inspire me...
If I am to make a new D&D character, it will be a female dwarf!
If you peak at my site, you will see my last dwarven character...
Your work is awesome.

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I'm a big Tolkien fan, and like the idea of dwarves with beards, but I also like the idea of a beardless female dwarf. This breaks the dwarven stereotype while still remaining "dwarvish". She can be sexy and attractive without being non-dwarflike. Good job!

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i miss the beard. she needs the beard..it would go very stylishly with her war axe..Smile


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This is my favourtie picture out of all of your pictures, all of them are very well done, but I love this one the most. Most likely because I never have thought female drawfs to have beards. Curly, think hair sure, and thicker eyebrows maybe, but not beards. Well done!

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Ooooh! A female dwarf! She is pretty!

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This is dwarf from "Warhammer Fantasy Role Play", where dwarfen females don't heve beards:)

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Don't get me wrong i like the pic but just one question. I thought that all dwarfs had beards even the females. Therefore wouldn't this subject be more of a halfling?

Art at its best.