Homage to the Elven Queen by 19linz76

Homage to the Elven Queen

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Added: Dec 04, 2003
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A human kissing the hand of the elven queen.

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her dress is so pretty. I wish my paintings were so bright and nice.

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Splendid... just splendid Wink

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Incredibly lovely. The details of the dress and fence are a very nice touch. Your use of light, especially with the foliage is very good. Kudos to you.

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wow this is realy beautyfull !
I like this

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This is a truely amazing piece of art. It is captivating and beautiful to say the least. The only one thing that bothers my eye is the way the man's face looks flat against her hand. Could use a little contour on his lips to meet her hand, when a man kisses a hand they dont push it against their face. Smile The rest is absolutely gorgeous.

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Ooooooooooh. Very pretty. *girl of pathetically few words*

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This is incredible. I love the detail in the elf and her gown, and the forest is so lush and verdant - it's amazing. he only thing that bothers me is the way the man seems to be holding something like an invisible staff! It really is beautiful, though. I love it!

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is this suppose to portray Aragorn and Arwen of Lord of the Rings

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It's simply COOL!! Very nice work...

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i just love this picture!! I love the dress.. its just so wonderful..

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Its so beautiful, really love the colors. It would match like a cover of a bokk Smile

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i really really love this picture! I applaud your awesome talent. I think the trees are my favorite part. They don't have very much detail, but I love trees. the elven queen is absolutely stunning. And you managed to capture their poses and clothing folds perfectly. Wonderful!

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WOW! this is really amazing! absolutely beautiful! Their expressions are so great! GOOD JOB!

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I just visited your site, and Oh. My. God. Wonderful, amazing work! "The Greeting" puts the 'fantasy' in 'fantasy art', and, if they were available for purchase, I would be ordering prints of Moon Dreams, Horse Maiden, Angel Tears, and the pencil sketch of Homage to the Elven Queen right now! I hope to go back later and order some of the prints that ARE available.

I enjoyed your entire site (yeah, freebies Smile!!), which was beautifully laid out, easy to navigate and filled with gorgeous work.

The wings!! God, I could go on and on... Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

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Beautiful and romantic! I agree with another reviewer - it brings Arwen & Aragorn to my mind, too. Love the background as well.

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I'm missing words... that's absolutely lovely! Lew.

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just stunning... I love it! This some how reminds me a bit of Arwen and Aragorn.. the colours are so beautiful! amazing work!

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A really beautiful piece.

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extremely beautiful!
particularly her face and the trees!

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I really like this painting. Oils are very hard to master and prove to get the better of me sometimes! You have done a superb job of creating a beautiful atmosphere. I must say I love the background the most! To add a little constructive criticism, it seems to me that the Elven queen is a little top heavy...it may be just me however. Its still quite a beautiful piece.

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Very lovely!

Art at its best.