Primavera by lorangel


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Added: Dec 25, 2003
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The wee folks come running when they hear the sound of the magic fiddle. Inspired by Celtic music in Spring

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That's cool! I just paint it, it's really up to the viewer to make the picture come alive, you know if I can spark up imaginations, my job is done. Coconut, flowers or white bats, whatever... the important thing for me is that what used to be a blank canvas is now filled with colours and lines that are interpreted as scenes by total strangers. Sometimes appreciated and at other times well... I never expect to win em all but I do have a great time painting my visions.

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aha those birds also remind me of the coconut carrying birds from Monty Phyton Smile

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Thanks Sean, Magic be with you my friend !

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Just a great scene Marcel,colors,composition,just great mood.Even without my glasses I can tell the difference between white flowers and coconuts-lol:)

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Thanks Wenche and Vlad !

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pretty technique

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Brilliant picture and full of life. COCONUTS? I think the Epilogue guest needs to get his eyes teste... pretty quick!

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Kinda weird for me to post a spring scene tonight, I guess. Thanks for the comment and as for the coconuts, hey, anything goes in fairyland lol! Gotta admit I didn't realize there were coconuts in this scene, the white things are supposed to be flowers but imagination can play funny tricks on people. Merry Christmas !

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I am sorry, but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw those birds was 'a five ounce bird cannot carry a one pound coconut!'. Well, seriously, the lace on the shirt and the birds are very well done. I like the sky the most.

Art at its best.