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Trude 2

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Added: Jun 28, 2005
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Nachdem sie noch eine weite Strecke hingeschritten, verengte sich das Seebette zu der Rinne eines mäßigen Baches, der unter einer Lindengruppe durchführte. Das Geäste dieser mächtigen Bäume war so dicht, das ungeachtet des mangelnden Laubes kein Sonnenstrahl hindurchdrang. Maren ging in dieser Rinne weiter; die plötzliche Kühle um sie her, das hohe dunkle Gewölbe der Wipfel über ihr; es schien ihr fast, als gehe sie durch eine Kirche.

Plötzlich aber wurden ihre Augen von einem blendenden Lichte getroffen; die Bäume hörten auf, und vor ihr erhob sich ein graues Gestein, auf das die grellste Sonne niederbrannte.

Taken from ‚Die Regentrude’(by Theodor Storm)

Again I’m afraid nobody’ll know the fairy tale ‚Die Regentrude’ by Theodor Storm as it is of German origin and even here most people have never heard of it. Never mind though. This pic is an illustration to said fairy tale. In the extract above Maren(the female protagonist) walks through the very dry remains of a former stream, the leafless, immense trees looming over her and the cool air suddenly surrounding her reminding her very much of being in a church.
I don’t even know any more how often I must have muttered during working on that pic that I’ll never again so much as draw one tree…Well, it was lies all over.*sigh*(The pic I’m working on right now is gonna involve loads of trees…)

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beautiful piece... reminds me of a dream I had, very similiar to this pic..trees branching to meet up top like in a gothic church.. and in my dream it gave me the feeling of a church also.

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Beautiful pic.. very similiar to a dream I had..gothic like, with trees in a peaked top joining like dream gave me the same feeling...a church.

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I don't know about the fairytale but I like the trees and colours...

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Aren't you glad that it wasn't spring? Just think of all the leaves to be drawn.. . . . Much, much respect and admiration given on my part. Just incredible. I love it. Patter

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Woahh...I really am speechless. This is really impressing. Du hast wirklich mit diesem Bilde diese Atmosphare erreicht, wo man von der ueberwaltigenden groesse der Baeume fast zerdrueckt wird! Find ich Spitze wie du das geschafft hast!!!

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stunning artwork - good expressed mood

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Fantastic use of colour and composition. This reminds me of Alan Lees work. And im amazed that youve achieved a similar effect just as well as he can. well done.

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I'm not going to shove my broken German on you... even after two years of classes I'm not grand. So I'll just say HOLY CRAP! That must have taken a lot of time, and perhaps friskette? And all the more kudos if you didn't use any masking of any sort on the branches! and uh- TOLL! ^_^ hehe

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Krass!=) aber, ernst, sehr wunderbare Darhrstellung von Text.

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sehr schön, das Bild strahlt viel Atmosphäre aus; die Äste müssen ziemlich viele Arbeit gemacht haben, wenn ich sehe wie detailliert sie sind...

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Wonderful painting, I am so very much impressed!! Seriously!

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You're 16years old?? What a talent!
Must have took you quite some time to draw al those branches :>
Gratulieren mit Editor's Pick.

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Beautiful textures on the trees. And the delicacy of the colours is glorious. Lovely atmosphere and feel. A wonderful picture.

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Toll! Du hast deinem Text ein wunderbares Bild gegeben! Just wonderful. Like it - the trees are perfect!

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incredible, simply GREAT!!! The trees are sooo real...

Art at its best.