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Added: Jan 05, 2004
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Art doll made by hand of polymer clay (hands, feet and face) flexible wire, soft foam, assorted leathers and cloth. Haman is a free standing figure. This figure is 13 inches tall.

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Only 13 inches tall? Wow looks like he could be 2-3 ft! his expression is great!

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wow!! the whrinkles and everything...wow! and the nails...wow!

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wow! Thanks so much!

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He is wonderful...another amazing character that you have pulled from your imagination! I love his expression. Fantastic job!

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Please how could any one not like this. He is so well done and as life like as could be.

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Oh, Hildi would be a wonderful companion! Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement!

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Ok, this is gonna sound weird, but I can just picture him with Hildi! The orginal odd couple!
I just had a look through all your work and its absolutely breathtaking. There should be a new word to describe your work because its just so fantastic. I can just see them all coming to life (and I bet they do, at night!). Anyway, thanks for sharing this amazing talent and imagination you have with the rest of the world. I hope you continue to charm people with your cute sculptures for years to come!


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Thanks so much... comments like yours keep me sculpting, thanks for making my day!

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Are you sure you didn't just take a picture of him as he walked through your backyard ? Smile The clothing, the wrinkles of the face, just everything is perfect... Even the tiny fingernails ! And he looks so kind and wise, like he's a really nice lil' guy to hang around with.Superb job !

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LOL... Cool comment

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I can't believe I'm seeing this. Nothing has freaked me out this much since William Beckman's self portrait. I guess that's all I have to say at this juncture. My God you are weirder yet cooler than Gollum, little walky dude. Where ya goin' there? Holy Macaronni! Are you this guys spirit protector? Did he discover you or did you discover him? You look upon me with such pure kindness you must be good. Little man. Little man. Where are you walking? Little man, little man, littl

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It's so adorabalish! It kind of looks like my grandpa...

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Well Thanks!

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I saw you at Elfwood. You're amazing.

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Thank you, I LOVE sculpting hands and this guy was one of my first dolls... and still I love how his hands turned out, which is unusual for me!

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Thanks sweetie!

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Wow, thanks! Ah wouldn't that be a dream job... Thanks for the wonderful compliment, you've made my day!

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Thank you! I'm a huge fan of texture and expression... so I'm so happy you noticed my labors!

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Thanks so much! I have a lot of fun creating them!

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Yay! Well deserved Editor's Pick, my dear!

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My gosh thats effective work.I usually shy away from commenting on sculpture!,but this particular piece is really special,the detail is incredible work.well done!.

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Editor's Pick well deserved! The quality of this is on par with Industrial Light and Magic! IMHO

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Great sculpture - I love the subtle skin texture, and the the facial expression. The toe and fingernails are are a terrific touch.

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your sculptures are some of the best I've ever seen, in detail and idea! wonderful!

Art at its best.