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Added: Jan 05, 2004
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Hildi is also an art doll, sculpted (hands, feet and face) in polymer clay over flexible armature wire (so she is poseable). Her hair is a wonderful light weight long plumed feather which moves to the slightest draft. This free standing doll is 13 inches tall to the top of her hat (although she has LONG sticks protuding from it's tip).

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*smiling* aw, she's harmless... LOL but yeah, she's not a natural beauty!!

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*chuckle* yeah... ugly love

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Hey! Jessica! LOL thanks so much... yeah, she is a beauty isn't she *wink*

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Hehe..ah, Hildi.. it was love at first sight for me. She's gorgeous, and I hope she knows it! ;]

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AHHHHHHHHHHHH! she scarin me!Shock

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O yeah I can see it Haman and this one together for cuteness.

jilliwilli's picture

Oh that would be fabulous! I think they were the ones who really inspired me to get sculpting!

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TTHHAATT OONNEE RREEAALLYY SSCCAARRSS MMEE! You should join the Jim Hanson puppet people!

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Thanks so much for the lovely comments! Most of the dolls I have already sold, but just to give you a general idea for the "one of a kinds" I think Hildi sold for $475... I usually sell my dolls on ebay, but sometimes they are sold through my website.
Thanks so much for your interest!

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These sculptures of yours are absolutely amazing, it's obvious a lot of work and imagination, love and labour went into creating them....now for the biggie - how much??!!

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AH, Alas Hildi is sold, strangely enough to a woman who had bought one of my most 'tame' dolls previously... *chuckle* just goes to show you never know what folks'll like!
Thanks again Rebecca!

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*chuckle* Thanks! I'm so glad you like it!

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Thank you, this was an especially fun project, since I love sculpting hands so! It never seems like hard work though, it's just too much fun, even tedious seeming details!

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Haha! You know I love this one. Is it still for sale? I love her handfeet! Heehee...

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WOW! That is so good!

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Magnificent sculpture work! One can see all the hard work and careful details you have put into this! Great paint job as well! very cool, original design.

Art at its best.