Slate Dragon by gyrfalcontg

Slate Dragon

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Added: May 10, 2004
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Not too much to say about this one... just wanted to draw a dragon. Smile

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Nice dragon, so often artists draw dragons in a state of anger, you have depicted this one in simple repose. I would love to get this in a tatoo if I might??

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Even some very well-known artists flounder when trying to come up with convincing anatomies for fantasy critters like dragons, yet you've effortlessly created a quite believeable and harmonious, natural-looking beast. We'll have to keep an eye on you! amazing work!

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the dragon you drew is really good only if I could draw as good as you. I liked the detail and that it looks realy good. that drawing must have took you along time to draw. Hope you put more pictures on the web page. Also the web page is good to.

cavale's picture

Hi Marie , found your page!!!
Just wanted to tell you again how great this critter look! Great pencil work you did!

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thanks James! It's so funny... this wasn't at all hard for me to draw... probably because I've been drawing dragons since high school--lots more often than people! Shameless plug for myself: Prints are now available at my DeviantArt gallery:

sporeboy's picture

Very nice rendering. Good job on the anatomical details--convincing musculature! I particularly like the 'fingers' on the wings and the wings' membrane 'texture.'

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thank you, James! Smile Your comments really mean a lot to me!

somerset's picture

Lovely drawing, Marie! nicely compositioned and I love the almost sensual movement of the head, excellent!

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I will have prints available soon through my gallery at DeviantArt. My username there is gyrfalconthegray.

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i love how you did the head its beautiful

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i have decided to make this one my favorite dragon peice. Its so hard to draw dragons in pencil and keep them looking real...I do try Sad but you have REAL talent.

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thanks Rachel! I'm much happier with this rock than the first rock I drew. It was just too... lumpy. I decided to go with the streamlined weathered sandstone look instead. Smile

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thank you! I like trying to be as realistic as possible with dragon anatomy... it seems like so many dragons get drawn without thinking about how they might actually fly in real life. This was a new wing design for me, using the flexibility of cartiledge rather than so much bone. Smile

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I really like how the bit of rock turned out. I think it finishes off the composition very nicely Smile

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love the anatomy, well done

Art at its best.