Fionela by gyrfalcontg


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 25, 2004
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Another exercise in portrait painting. This one was... an interesting lighting challenge for me. Pose referenced from stock photo: Hand got a little bitty help from Poser. Smile

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gyrfalcontg's picture

Thank you, James! This one is right up there with Llothiel in terms of how everything just ended up fitting together and working out well. Yay for mages with glowy spell thingies! Wink

sporeboy's picture

I'm really impressed with the foreshortening and the lighting. Very polished piece--certainly one of your best.

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thank you so much for the return comment! Compliments from an artist like yourself makes me all giddy. Smile Douglas Adams rules!

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thank you so much, James! I wanted to go really bold with the colors in this one... looks like I succeeded! Smile

j-art's picture

wow - a stunning piece - the lightning effect is excellent!!! the firedragon is a wonderful touch - a really great piece!!!!!

somerset's picture

Stunning work, Marie! the light effects in this one are incredible, such a lovely lady most regal indeed! your colours are just too good!

Guest's picture

This is so beautiful. My favorite part is the form of her hand beneath the flame. A lot of artists try that hand position but few pull it off. I love your work!

raich's picture

Beautiful work Marie! This turned out wonderfully, and the lighting really makes it pop. Time well spent Smile

Guest's picture

Truly a magnificent image! Her features and expression are lovely and the colors are magnificent!

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thanks Sonja! Laughing out loud That's a pretty standard variant head... probably in the 300 series... Wink

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thanks, Mark! Your words really mean a lot. The Lighting was definitely the part of this pic that gave me the most headaches! I think I changed up the lighting on her face and arm a dozen times before I was satisfied!

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thanks, Rebecca! I think I really need to do more dragons... I have so many of them floating round my head... (wait... I'm not sure that came out right...) Wink

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thanks Scott! It was the expression in the stock photo that caught my eye and I said "that's a sorceress!". Wink I had a ton of fun with the background and the costume--and of course those took the least amount of time and I spent hours and hours doing the lighting and the hand!

cavale's picture

Bravo Marie! Laughing out loud
Your hard work sure paid nicely, she look awesome.
That dragon is to kill for!!! Which head number is that one? Wink Tongue

lockett's picture

Beautiful portrait Marie, great work on the lighting.

goddessart's picture

Very nice work, Marie Rose. The lighting, her clothing and the wonderful dragon are done beautifully!

sdavis123061's picture

Very nice Marie. I like her clothing, it's very interesting, and you've really rendered the fire and background effects quite nicely. I also like the expression on her face, she has an air of confidence about her. Good work.

Art at its best.